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Locked Topic AvP2 Master Server Patch Discussion Prohibited (Read 6073 times)
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AvP2 Master Server Patch Discussion Prohibited
Feb 7th, 2016 at 3:30pm

Back in 2015 AvPUnknown made a clean break from supporting the Master Server Patch as it was altered into a mod. While we do understand that some AvP2 players still approve of the current state of the Master Server Patch, AvPUnknown still to this day no longer supports it for a variety of reasons.

We do not wish to rehash the reasons of why we discontinued support over the Master Server Patch every time a new forum member asks why. When we are asked, we state our reasoning and this only causes another flame war to break out. Previously banned forum members that are unable to accept that we may have a differing opinion continuously decide to attack this forum and website out of either jealousy, rage, hatred or simply immaturity every time this topic is brought up.

This has become a real nuisance as we do not have the time to deal with immature kids (or immature grown men) constantly berating us by name, making numerous false accusations and bringing up revisionist history. Attacks are constantly made to take down this website as well by said banned members. This is the world where some people can't accept the fact that other people have a differing opinion.

Thus, we have decided to close the board for the master server patch. All discussions pertaining to "master server patch", "MSP", or even "TBBC Mod" well be locked or deleted if started.

AvP2 online play can still be addressed and discussed normally, but if it is bringing up the MSP or TBBC mod, it will be stopped before another time wasting war erupts.

If anyone does want to see why AvPUnknown no longer supports the MSP or even wants to associate with the people surrounding it, your answers can be found in the following links:




I hope all the active members on this board understand. The clean break we made previously wasn't enough to end the madness, so now we are forced to end MSP discussion altogether.


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