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WTF Happened with Global AVP
Dec 17th, 2017 at 10:04am
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In light of recent events that have taken place involving Global AVP, myself, and a few others, I decided to post this. I initially wrote this on my website and didn't intend to put it on any forum. It makes certain parties look very bad and it looks like it's unnecessarily inciting drama. It may look like slander or libel in some parts, but since no real names are used, there should be no damage to personal reputation. It was never my original intention to publicize it outside of my website, but after sharing this with a few friends who knew what was going on, I was actually encouraged to post it here. I certainly have no problem with making the public aware of these events. This is an outline of my history with Global AVP. Take it for what it is: my experiences and my side of the story.

Here I'm going to outline the fall of and my history with former up-and-coming AVP fan site, Global AVP. The following is everything I know of the story with evidence provided wherever I could. Much of it may be accused as hearsay but the best I can do is assure the reader that everything below is as accurate as I can remember it. Dates and exact wording may be wrong, since there's very little saved as a record. It is still my personal perspective of it, so I'm not claiming it's the one truth; other people's accounts will assuredly differ from mine in some degree. The following may also read like needless gossip or unsubstantiated rumors, but I do have sources who can support what I say, as I have talked to several people who also know what happened and they agree with my statements. So without further ado, here's WTF Happened with Global AVP.

Around September 2015, I was contacted by Apollo (aka System Apollo, DARKSTAR, or Darkstar Apollo) in the hopes that I would assist him in contributing to a new AVP fan site developed by him called Global AVP. His intention, as far as I can tell, was to make a site that closely followed the model of Planet AVP, a fan site that ran from about 2001-2009, run by David Shipley and paid by IGN, which maintained a whole host of "Planet" sites, such as Planet Half-Life and Planet Quake. The reason why it was called Global AVP was to be closely tied to Planet AVP. His idea was for the site to be very community-centric. This meant dedicating the place more or less around fan contributions, such as scripts, fanfics, art, reviews, mods, game skins, merchandise, novels, comics, and more. It was less geared toward talking about the details of the movies or deciphering stuff from the films or books and more about collectively sharing fan creations. I was totally on board with this and I thought it was a good idea. Other than Planet AVP, really the only other prominent AVP fan site is AVP Galaxy, which showcases a lot of official news but doesn't focus a lot of fan work. Some time in 2015, Apollo allowed me to moderate the forums along with him, x-M-x, KingKenny, and Windebieste. He also gave me access to the website to edit and organize things as I saw fit, however, since I was working on my own things, I didn't edit the site.

I guess it wouldn't be much of a secret anymore if I revealed that upon starting up Global AVP, Apollo made a big gaffe, which was in trying to recruit at least a dozen people, if not more, from AVP Galaxy via private messaging. He asked me to do the same, which I rightfully refused. As a result of this, Apollo received a warning from Corporal Hicks, AVP Galaxy's admin, warning him not to do it again or else risk being banned. But in any case, as the Global AVP forums started up, a number of members found their way over to the forums anyway, and some good discussions took place around November and December of 2015. However, around that time, Apollo left the scene and by the beginning of 2016, the website had stopped getting updates. Fan interest in the website died. The forums were completely dead during most of 2016 and around March or April, the main site was no longer accessible. I assume Apollo lapsed on his domain payments. Eventually it became impossible for us mods to even moderate the forums because of some problem with Zeta Boards, and we couldn't get in contact with Apollo, so nobody could post except spam bots. On October 29, 2016, I received a message from Apollo that only read "Would you be up for partnering in giving Global AvP a second shot?" In November he told me that the forums and site would be restored and continued to be edited. All previous topics and conversations were lost. Essentially he had moved the site domain from globalavp.com to globalavp.info, and although some formatting of the original site had been saved, he needed to make some hefty changes. Renewing interest was especially difficult. At some point in trying to get more posters on the forum, Apollo made a competition for the first person to make 100 new posts in the forum; he would buy that person a $20 game on Steam and he intended to do a competition giving out a Mortal Kombat X + DLC prize.

At the turn of 2017, things were looking a bit up. The site got updated to look sleeker and more user-friendly, and the downloads and mods sections were more complete. At this time, I wrote an article about some custom multiplayer maps I had helped fix up for AvP Classic (adam and mult). Unforunately, once March began, Apollo again disappeared. Recall that this was prime time for Alien news, since Alien: Covenant released in May. Again when Apollo left, the forums became barren and very few people talked. Apollo only resurfaced at the tail end of July 2017, again trying to reconnect with me to convince me that he was motivated to get back to work on the site.

At this point, he called in his real life friend Propane Predator to help out as editor for the site, to assist in writing articles and making frequent updates. Let me explain a few things about Propane. Propane used to go by the pseudonym Apostolos. Around 2004 or 2005, he tried to post stolen work under his name in the form of AvP2 skins. Because of this, he got into (from what I hear) a giant flame war with the server admin, x-M-x, aka Mandalore. Apostolos was banned from AvP2Files and essentially exiled from the community. In June 2014, he returned to AvP Galaxy as Spoonman101, where he got banned only a month later. Propane has a history of being overly antagonistic and trying to stir up drama for no reason. He posts on guest accounts on Global AVP slinging shit for no reason, or calling people faggots (usually other guest accounts, meaning himself), or trying to incite unnecessary drama. As an example, he created a thread where he basically directly called for a confrontation between two opposing parties in AvP2, a game that he doesn't even play or care about.

In any case, Propane Predator took on the role of writer. At this point I didn't know much about him, and I just assumed he was more or less some random person who liked AvP and just wanted to help out with the site. I was initially impressed with some of the first updates, which appeared in August, and the pace was maintained as short blurbs came out every couple of days. But again, to nobody's surprise, Apollo drifted off the radar. In September, Apollo reconnected with me and asked me to contribute as some kind of editor writing articles and updates for his website. At this point I was fed up of his nonsense. He asked me specifically to be the head writer for the site, and I told him something along the lines of good luck finding an idiot dumb enough to do work like that for no pay. He wasn't paying anyone to do any work he requested and yet he expected site updates, forum moderation, and social media management (such as Facebook and Twitter) for a website that, as much as I could see, he didn't care enough to even keep alive, let alone support. I told him I was out of the whole website part but that if he wanted, I would remain as moderator; I said I might write an article here and there when I felt like it, but that I wouldn't be accountable for updating the site with links or new designs. He begged me for a name for someone to do social media management and I acquiesced and gave him the name SkorpioN to talk to about it. Around September 10-14, quite a lot of progress to the website was made. I wrote another lengthy article, this time about the Alien Trilogy mod for DOOM. Almost as soon as he thanked me for my article, Apollo again disappeared from the community. Propane Predator, lead writer and site manager, continued to post updates to the website until his last update on September 26, where he too disappeared. Around November, I had dropped Apollo from my friends list on Steam and had left his Global AVP Discord server.

I found Apollo again around December 10, 2017 on, of all places, the Aliens|Predator Discord server. This is where things get much more detailed, as you'll see. On the server, he had asked anyone if they would be willing to work as writer for his Global AVP site. At this point, somewhat notorious member Scarface (known more commonly as Chappie or Primus) said he was interested. Apollo told him his first task was to find him some AVP news that was new, as in it wasn't on AVP Galaxy or posted on any other fan site. He also told Scarface that the other person he would be working with was "ruthless," and to prove his point, he posted in full a private email from Propane Predator to Apollo. This email is the instigating event for the things to follow because it implored Apollo to demote me, x-M-x, KingKenny, and SkorpioN as moderators and accused us of only taking on the role of moderator for the status while otherwise sitting around doing nothing. One passage of the email said this (and I can quote this because it's copy and pasted):

"Look, I get that you don't want to piss them off but it's kind of gotten ridiculous that you end up writing articles, updating the site and managing all social media links alone. I am willing to help you as I find it therapeutic to write and produce content for an avp website similar to Planet avp but if you are serious about passing this off to me we need to let some people go."

At this point I had reached my breaking point. I had enough of the bullshit. So I made a lengthy series of posts on the Discord calling Apollo out publicly. The following is a series of quotes from the Discord:

Olde - Yesterday at 11:23 PM

Also Apollo, you can tell your friend that it's a moderator's job to moderate the site, to moderate the forum. It is not the job of a moderator to create content for the website.

You didn't recruit x-M-x, Kenny, Windebieste, or myself to create blog posts for AVP Global.

You can tell Propane that if he has a problem with any one of us for "neglecting the website" or anything of that kind when you went on one of your patented Apollo breaks after "returning" for a few days, he can take it up with me personally.

And you can't possibly insist that the way you treat your website is anything more than shameful the way you disappear for months on end and leave the "tending to" to others who don't see you as motivated to make your website work. No one is going to make content for you.

That goes for Propane too. He has no moral ground to stand on to point fingers at me or x-M-x or Kenny. He disappeared too. Of course he would claim it was a test to see who was loyal. But if that's the case, he's got a serious fucking problem.

I take huge umbrage with this passage in particular: "Look, I get that you don't want to piss them off but it's kind of gotten ridiculous that you end up writing articles, updating the site and managing all social media links alone. I am willing to help you as I find it therapeutic to write and produce content for an avp website similar to Planet avp but if you are serious about passing this off to me we need to let some people go."

If it's not your job to write the articles, update the site, and work on social media, whose job is it?

Letting people go is not going to make your website get any better. Hell, I stuck around checking and moderating the forum long after you and Propane stopped posting news updates and making forum posts.

I'm posting this all here 1) because I unfriended you on Steam; 2) because I left your shitty discord server with two other people in it; and 3) because if you're going to publicly air out your dirty laundry slandering other people, you might as well fucking address it in the open once you've brought it up.

I and others (not naming names publicly, but you can guess who I'm sure) are completely fed up with your and Propane's bullshit. You aren't serious about Global. You never have been and you never will be.

JaguaR - Yesterday at 11:51 PM

...I just went for a shower. Wtf happened? :hushed:

Olde - Yesterday at 11:52 PM

Apollo can read it sometime next year when he comes back from one of his breaks.

DARKSTAR - Yesterday at 11:54 PM

I read it now

That is fairly silly

He's upset because people were hired in to become staff members to update the website and nobody did anything

December 12, 2017

DARKSTAR - Today at 12:00 AM

except for him... Now you're airing this out on me... What for? I had defended all of them and told him that they have contributed in their own ways,

He wants to take care of the site and he wants staff to be apart of the website

Olde - Today at 12:00 AM

Read this loud and clear. I definitely do not want to be a part of your website.

DARKSTAR - Today at 12:00 AM

Okay, read loud and clear where

I implied that you should?

Olde - Today at 12:01 AM

You said I want to take care of the site.

Also, you didn't hire anyone. You never paid anyone.

You expected free work from people.

DARKSTAR - Today at 12:02 AM

Again, you're putting hot air on me?

What for? I didn't do anything.

Olde - Today at 12:02 AM

No shit you didn't do anything. You haven't done anything for months.

DARKSTAR - Today at 12:03 AM


Olde - Today at 12:03 AM

You posted that email from Propane.

DARKSTAR - Today at 12:03 AM

And what of it?

Olde - Today at 12:03 AM

You're not giving any context to it.

It makes the people who stayed as moderators look like they're slacking off at something they were paid to do.

And as if letting them go would actually mean something to them.

this is on that other discord

I think Propane Predator runs it?

DARKSTAR - Today at 12:04 AM

You projected that context onto it

I said he's upset with 3 people he's seen as staff on the website

Under his own impression he felt they didn't do anything

Olde - Today at 12:04 AM

/|\ There's the context you never gave.

That's his impression, it's not the truth, though.

DARKSTAR - Today at 12:05 AM

And you unfriended me?

After you would literally call me an idiot right to my face, after you told me to give up on maintaining a fucking fansite

Purple Nurpples - Today at 12:06 AM

this is ridic take it to pm fellas

Olde - Today at 12:07 AM

I never told you to give up on it. I told you you had to put fucking work into it. And you bailed. For the third time.

DARKSTAR - Today at 12:07 AM


you didn't

You expected me to sit around and work on it when it was a site I paid for so I can have fun running a website and you literally were destroying that concept with your episodes of rage you always throw

Olde - Today at 12:09 AM

All while you sit back and do nothing.

DARKSTAR - Today at 12:10 AM

That is a statement literally full of shit

And anyone can evidently see it being so by just looking at the website and seeing WORK BEING PUT INTO IT

I go to college to maintain a 3.0 gpa and run this for fun on the side and invite people to work on it as well.

I have told you and told Propane that I will have moments where I step out of the community and step out of updating the website

Olde - Today at 12:11 AM

My goodness I missed all the work that went on in the website in October and November.

"moments" (read: months)

DARKSTAR - Today at 12:12 AM

Okay look, I get that you are trying to provoke me

Belushi - Today at 12:12 AM

really you guys

DARKSTAR - Today at 12:14 AM

Go ahead. I forgive you Olde, I am not willing to have an argument about this. IF you are upset with what Propane had said that's fine, I also called him ruthless for it. But I want this to be left at here, you can have your resentment towards me, that's fine.

I still love you like a brother and appreciate the work ALL OF YOU put in regardless.

Olde - Today at 12:14 AM


JaguaR - Today at 12:15 AM

It's chill most of the time but that's usually when no one is talking....

DARKSTAR - Today at 12:15 AM

But because I have my leaps of absences, I left it to Propane to look after it. I am sorry he was a dick towards you guys.

The above is the only thing that remains of that evening's conversation, but it continued for a little bit. Apollo eventually apologized for posting the email, deleted the post, and said it was never his intention to cause any harm in posting it, to which I replied I accept his apology but that next time, he should think about the consequences of publicly posting a private email slandering members of a private community.

A short while later, Propane Predator came onto the Discord. He divulged a lot of unwarranted personal information, including that Apollo split with his girlfriend and was currently staying with him (Propane), and he told me not to be mean to him. He furthermore rebutted against my accusations, saying that I and the other moderators were indeed only in it for the moderator status and were doing nothing. He said that we were specifically instructed to write at least one article per week and that we were to make clear contributions to the main website (I remind you at this point that neither Propane Predator nor Apollo had made any such contributions on their own in the same duration we're talking about). He also said he recommended I stop playing Left 4 Dead and get a job or purpose in life. Like a coward, he then went offline. So I told Apollo, who also only stays invisible on the Discord, that when his friend grew some balls to actually man up and have a discussion with me.

Fast forward to the next day. When I logged into Discord, I saw that SkorpioN had replied to the thread. Keep in mind that he is another one of the moderators accused of slacking off on the job. The following was preserved:

OMG, Just saw the GlobalAvP dirty laundry posts. Figured I might as well comment since I was mentioned specifically. @Propane Predator Apollo did speak to me about posting Tweets, however: A. I did let him know that it’s problematic for me to tweet, since I don’t even have a Tweeter account. B. The time in which I was supposed to start, as well as how the work load would split, was never discussed, and then Apollo disappeared. I’m sure he had his reasons, but fact of the matter is he did. C. I never actually said I agree to the Tweeting thing. Apollo posted his instructions on his own initiative, so that I could see what type of work he had in mind. Seeing these rage posts now, with my name being mentioned specifically, without the Tweeting actually being agreed upon or (since, I assume, there was some kind of misunderstanding that I actually agreed to Tweet) at the very least without contacting me and letting me know you’re displeased with my “work” is…troubling? LOL I like GlobalAvP. I like it a lot more than Galaxy, and I will stick around even if I’m removed from “staff”. As you correctly pointed out, I have done absolutely nothing as a staff member, so there will be absolutely no hard feelings on my part if I am removed. That said, please stop throwing shit I haven’t earned my way. I’m usually trying to be a nice guy, but I do have my limits.

DARKSTAR-Today at 11:30 AM

Nobody is removing anyone from staff

Fuck me

I sent that so Scarface would get the hint that he needs to do something in order to be a part of staff because let's face it, we have more moderators than site care takers

The guy just expected a contribution and saw nobody doing anything, his email just said that he had to let people go from staff and nobody got the impression that you were working except for Olde who usually takes everything out of proportion and causes situations just like these.

That is the same for M and Kenny. I made my case to him to keep them, since now he's taking over the site, does he not have a prerogative to keep who he wants as helpers (yes I have to use the word helpers instead of staff as a trigger warning). And when I say working I mean being employed. This is a misconception that downright pisses me off

Nobody has this impression except for Olde and after this whole thing that had happened in the past two days, I really regret having him on board to work on this.

This site was intended to be a hobby between enthusiasts to come together and contribute and work in a team to manage a website. Propane Predator, when "hired"(Trigger word again, brought on board), instantly he hit the main page and started pumping out content. He created the motion tracker and
contributed to social media posts and had snagged an interview.

Olde was the third largest contributor but all he did was 1 articles sprawled in the duration of 2 years. Olde even has/had access to the main website and usually when someone leaves you a forum post with news, it becomes a lot easier to make a quick news article in reference to the post in question. So what did Olde do? Told the guy that it was hardly news to put on the front page

I forgive him but this is just plain stupid, especially since I had told him let us not fight, and he still found an excuse to be a dick about it.

3 articles sprawled in the duration of 1 years

DARKSTAR-Today at 12:02 PM

And Skorpion, please don't say that we didn't instruct you to tweet, we have a chat log that shows otherwise. It isn't a big deal that you didn't, Olde is write, I am not writing off a paycheque LOL


Need to go do my exam so I have no time for this.

Long story short, the guy runs the site, Scarface wanted to work on the site but I had to show him the email of what Propane said in regards to not doing anything but moderating because that was the impression I was getting from scarface. Nobody was being slandered, he stated an objective fact that nobody did anything but obsess over a fucking forum with nobody on it.

And as for Olde, I may as well post the list of shit he pulled when we tried working together on this fan site.

>Instruct us not to post GAVP articles on Galaxy forums making us lose traffic for his own subjective stupid principle

>Come up with an impossible task and call you useless when you couldn't have it fulfilled

>Regard people and their opinions with disrespect when on our forums

>Patronized Winde for his Hideous Plastic Project

>Tell me that I am spending 20$ or 40$ on "Stupid Shit"

>Downright telling me how to manage my finances

>He talks about me demotivating him? Try tasking a guy to literally write one paragraph a week and see him not doing anything was fairly demotivating for myself, considering that I was needed to do all the work but don't worry, he moderates an empty forum.

>Tell me how to run my finances where giving someone a free game is a waste of money

I mean the list can keep going

Long story short, just please

Don't do this again

I hate being this way

What followed was a titanic shitstorm that I regret not saving. Propane Predator returned to the server and I chewed him out for being completely in the wrong. He eventually resorted to using personal attacks, saying that I need a girlfriend, need to stop drinking Red Bull, and stop playing video games. To which I replied that Apollo should actually get a place to live, and that at least I know that one's true. I further remarked to Propane that he wanted to feel like a big boy for demoting x-M-x and Kenny after he got banned from AvP2Files in 2005 for uploading stolen mods, which would be a kind of 12-year long retribution for him. He then said I need to "grow up, kid" or something pathetic to that effect, at which he stormed out with his tail between his legs. KingKenny arrived about fifteen minutes later and explained that it was never his "job" or responsibility to update the main website with content, and that even if he did have news to contribute, that he would update AvP Unknown, because that's his website, and that anyone who's telling him it's his job to update Global AVP can gtfo. I remained on the Discord for about another half-hour before I noticed some unusual behavior. The server's moderator, RaZorbakk36, with which I didn't have any problem before, typed the words !clear Olde in an obvious attempt to erase my posts. He then tried to erase Apollo's posts and Propane's posts. Failing that, he deleted the previous 1600 posts in the Discord. Because Discord doesn't save anything once it gets removed by a moderator, all discussion from that Tuesday to the Friday before got completely wiped. I and some other users were horrified at his actions, at which point I told him he can go fuck himself and I left the Discord. KingKenny told them that they were a bunch of communists and also left the Discord. Later that evening, RaZorbakk36 added me as a friend on Discord and attempted to convince me that I was at fault for the posts' deletion, which, as you won't be surprised, I told him was a load of bullshit; in any case, he didn't regret deleting any of them and spouted the same usual bullshit that moderators spout when justifying their fascistic actions, essentially that it was in the best interest of keeping the peace. Knowing that that was the reason and not having anything else to say to him, I blocked him.

Our story ends on Saturday, December 16, when x-M-x, KingKenny, SkorpioN, and I were all removed from Global AVP's staff. Recall that Apollo had stated above that "Nobody is removing anyone from staff." I had had no further conversations with Apollo and I don't know who was responsible for relieving us of staff duties.

So there you have it. The above is the full story as much as it involved me and as much as can be pieced together from memory and the scant information still available to us. I may later address some of the accusations that Apollo slung at me, since not all of them are entirely untrue, though most are exaggerated or skewed.

The reason why Global AVP failed was because Apollo was never serious about it to begin with. He was never responsible enough to maintain a website, even going so far as to let the original lapse on the domain payments, causing it to be taken offline. On the rare occasions that he was around, he constantly sought the help from others in pathetic attempts to get them to do his work for him for free. When he wasn't around, which was all the time, he expected other people to pick up the slack. I don't have a problem with Apollo putting his schooling or other priorities first. But no one in their right mind would then expect to either maintain a flourishing website or be welcomed back when leaving it if they did. Apollo and Propane publicly tried to shame me and the other moderators by falsifying facts and fabricating lies. When I called them out on it they made up more lies and bullshit to try to cover it up, and when it became obvious that they were in the wrong, I have my suspicions that Apollo privately contacted RaZorbakk36 to have the conversation deleted. Coinciding with Apollo's and Propane's return in December 2017, a suspicious number of guest posts appeared on the forum, as did some other new accounts. This cannot be coincidental. After months of inactivity (not for lack of me trying, mind you, as I was on the forums almost every day), suddenly there's an inexplicable rise in people posting? The obvious explanation is that maybe one or two of them are from the Aliens|Predator Discord server but most likely the majority are from Propane and Apollo themselves.

Global AVP will never be what Apollo probably envisioned it would be, because he just doesn't care enough to put the work into it. As he said himself, he just wanted to "have fun running a website." He doesn't expect to have to work in order to make Global AVP a viable AVP fan site. To be fair, Apollo never overtly accused me of being lazy until I showed that I had it out for him, at which point he made up lies about our responsibilities and duties. It was really Propane Predator who accused us of being lazy or just wanting moderator status than actually sit down and put effort into the website. I don't begrudge Propane saying this to Apollo in private; he can say whatever he wants to say. But it was posted publicly, and that's exactly the point where it crossed the line. Apollo's excuse "But I only posted it to show Scarface how ruthless Propane Predator is" cannot possibly be believed because both he and RaZorbakk36 made fun of him for about an hour that very same evening, mocking him, laughing at him to his face, and getting him to leave the Discord server out of shame. Apollo was never serious about taking Scarface on as a writer for the website and never needed to post the private email; even if he were to share it with Scarface, he didn't have to do it in public. You can't expect to post a private email that's saying negative, personal things about people in the community and expect everyone to just be okay with it. Apollo disappears for months at a time during which he not only doesn't communicate with anyone but doesn't even lift a finger to even keep his website up to date. It was humiliating being associated with a dead website that the site admin didn't even care enough to update once a week (again, no one's job but his) and I'm glad I'm no longer a part of it.

I insult you because of the asshole and scum that you prove us all to be.  - En Sabah Nur on TBBC Forums

Lucifer wrote on Oct 8th, 2016 at 9:54am:
go to fuck your self olde!
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Re: WTF Happened with Global AVP
Reply #1 - Dec 17th, 2017 at 10:06am
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As if more needed to be said, I wanted to include a conversation to address Apollo's assertion that SkorpioN was responsible for daily tweeting. Apollo sounds very sure and accusatory about the tweeting in the above conversation. However, this is the conversation he's directly referring to. It is between SkorpioN and Apollo over Discord.

DARKSTAR - 09/12/2017

I had a question to ask you actually

SkorpioN - 09/12/2017


September 13, 2017

DARKSTAR - 09/13/2017

I talked to olde and he suggested if you would like to be apart of Staff?

SkorpioN - 09/13/2017

I might. What does that mean exactly? What would I be required to do?

DARKSTAR - 09/13/2017

You turn into a moderator and will also give you access to either our Twitter or Facebook so that it can be updated at least once daily.


Sorry, I am on mobile

SkorpioN - 09/13/2017


I don't use twitter though, is that a problem?

DARKSTAR - 09/13/2017


You get our password and account name

And I will post instructions how to use it

It's simple

DARKSTAR - 09/13/2017

Or I can send it on here

[account and password redacted]

Twitter is the easiest one to usr


Just go on Deviant Art; look up a Predator or Alien art; share it directly by link through a tweet or save it; hashtag broad words related to the art and then followers will soon follow.

Takes less then a couple minutes on a rush day.

I can do it right now

One second

I am making you a mod first

Now for the Deviant Art demonstration

SkorpioN - 09/13/2017

alright, so how will this updating thing going to work? will it all be up to me, or will it be split between all the staffers?

DARKSTAR - 09/13/2017


Global AvP (@GlobalAvP)


Check out this neat Predator Art!

#predator #yautja #thepredator #shaneblack #digitalart #illustration #fanart #art


Split between

I won't let you do all the work

With you there would be three of us.

SkorpioN - 09/13/2017

you, me and olde?

DARKSTAR - 09/13/2017

Propane Predator

SkorpioN - 09/13/2017


so how come olde's not staff?

DARKSTAR - 09/13/2017

He's working on implementing his work from his Google forum

SkorpioN - 09/13/2017

i see

DARKSTAR - 09/13/2017

Google site *

Sorry man, I have class right now


DARKSTAR - Last Tuesday at 12:41 AM

Hey, just a heads up, Propane Predator is taking over Global AvP and he's considering letting some of the staff go. I believe you will be fine though, if anything happens let me know and I will clear it.

SkorpioN - Last Tuesday at 5:29 AM

Oh? How come?

DARKSTAR - Last Tuesday at 5:30 AM

He wanted some people to do news and found that a couple of people didn't do anything and he's choked

I'm trying to calm him down a bit though

SkorpioN - Last Tuesday at 5:31 AM

No, I meant how come he's taking over Global AvP in the first place?

DARKSTAR - Last Tuesday at 5:31 AM

I can't keep it up since I am going to school and we needed someone who is a bit more active and we I let him take the helm

SkorpioN - Last Tuesday at 5:32 AM

Ah, I see

DARKSTAR - Last Tuesday at 5:32 AM

I*** not we i lol

SkorpioN - Last Tuesday at 5:32 AM

Well alright, thanks for letting me know

DARKSTAR - Last Tuesday at 5:33 AM

No worries, I don't think he will do anything though

But if he does just let me know

He will probably want you to tweet shit so I will do it for you and say it was you lol!

SkorpioN - Last Tuesday at 5:38 AM


Alright, will do

DARKSTAR - Last Tuesday at 6:17 AM


The reader can judge for him or herself if it justifies Apollo's statement "And Skorpion, please don't say that we didn't instruct you to tweet, we have a chat log that shows otherwise."

I'm posting this because I blew the whole charade wide open in the Aliens|Predator Discord server, making it available for everyone to see before it all got deleted. I didn't feel bad about making this business public back when I posted it and I certainly don't feel bad about it now. The way I see it, Apollo's letting everyone see Propane's private email accusing me and three other moderators of incompetence and holding us responsible for his failings was airing of dirty laundry. If he was going to openly accuse us of not doing our jobs, I had an obligation to address it. Of course, I don't hold it all against RaZorbakk36 for deleting the discussion; it's his server and he can do what he wants with it. But I realized that I couldn't really expose this on any other forum or website without it running the risk of getting deleted. It would get removed from any other Discord server, it would get removed from AVP Galaxy and Global AVP (obviously), and while it might not get removed from AVP Unknown, that would just be a really weird place to put it as it would cause an unnecessary conflict of interest between Apollo, myself, and the other moderators of the site. This is, after all, my version of the story and if they want to stay with Global AVP, I don't want to unnecessarily jeopardize their standing with Apollo and Propane. So that's why I'm posting it here, where I know that only I will take the heat from it, as well as being a place where only I can edit or delete it. If you have a problem with anything said above, you're welcome to post below and post your side of the story. I have a hard rule that I will not change anything for only the reason of accommodating someone's reputation.

If you have any additional chat logs from the discussion and would be willing to share them, I would be happy to include them to make the records public (withholding your name is assumed, as I value the privacy and anonymity of my sources).
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Lucifer wrote on Oct 8th, 2016 at 9:54am:
go to fuck your self olde!
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Re: WTF Happened with Global AVP
Reply #2 - Dec 17th, 2017 at 7:34pm
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I'll still visit Global AvP, but this statement:

DARKSTAR-Today at 11:30 AM

Nobody is removing anyone from staff

A few days later, half the staff were given the axe without any notification. A heads up would have been polite and warranted.

The way this was handled is the equivalent of Office Space's Bill Lumbergh moving Milton downstairs into storage B when he wasn't receiving any paychecks.

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Re: WTF Happened with Global AVP
Reply #3 - Dec 19th, 2017 at 7:26am
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^ Yeah, this pretty much sums it all up.

I'm fine with them removing my status as moderator and staff. A few months ago, I told Apollo that I wasn't going to be a full contributor the website. You might have noticed my status on Global AVP as ex-staff. I put that qualifier by my name around July/August myself. I have no hard feelings about being a regular member per se. What I do have a problem with is the way I found out about a co-admin's (now full admin) dissatisfaction with us not fulfilling his expectations when those expectations were neither agreed upon or compensated. And on top of that, neither of the co-admins did anything in months. Yes, I was around, but it wasn't my responsibility to create content for them even though they expected it ("he only wrote three articles in two years;" um, I didn't have to write any). And I wasn't going to post articles contributing to their site if they clearly weren't going to do anything, either. They left about a month after Apollo said the site would get back on its feet. Watch, they'll leave again. Just watch.

I don't have any issues with Propane or Apollo thinking whatever they want about me, even if they're wrong. I don't have a problem with them thinking I'm a rage machine when I call them out on their carelessness or that I'm lazy when I don't produce free content for them or that I'm not doing my job as moderator for not fulfilling expectations that aren't what we discussed. They can think whatever they want. But leaking an email publicly as though it were fact, saying that we're bad staff members who should be removed from duty, without giving any context to it, and honestly without any reason to show it publicly was unprofessional and incredibly stupid. Apollo brought this upon himself. It wasn't just Chappie who was in the conversation when that email was disclosed, that was a public conversation.
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I insult you because of the asshole and scum that you prove us all to be.  - En Sabah Nur on TBBC Forums

Lucifer wrote on Oct 8th, 2016 at 9:54am:
go to fuck your self olde!
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Re: WTF Happened with Global AVP
Reply #4 - Apr 18th, 2018 at 6:56am
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I recently heard apollo on discord, I inform him about the opening of dialogue of the last days.

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