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Apply For Hosting!
Apr 28th, 2014 at 4:39pm
AvP Unknown provides web site hosting!

We believe in quality, not quantity and consider our site part of an integral team as opposed to a place to dump ads. (No ads here guys  Smiley)

Unlimited Webspace: Providing you with the freedom to upload any levels, mods, game utilities or any generated content by yourself, making it hassle free from having to move from server to server or request other sites to mirror your files.

FTP Access: Quick and easy access for uploading your web site updates. Multiple logins are also provided by request.

Custom Website Address: (i.e. avpunknown.com/yourname/,)

Support: If you ever have problems with your account, we are here for you and will make sure you can get your site up and running quickly.

Do you Qualify for Hosting?

In order to be hosting by http://www.avpunknown.com, you need to meet the following criteria:
Relevant Site: We only host sites that have something in common with Alien/Predator/Aliens vs. Predator gaming such as games, modifications for games, or gaming news, etc. We currently do not offer hosting to clan sites, due to the volume of requests. (sorry guys..)

Content: Site has to be cool with crisp graphics and some sorta professionalism. In other words, we don't host sites that appear to have been created by 10 year olds.

Good Webmastering: Fast loading graphics, contact info, updated frequently, and maintained.

Well Trafficked: We only accept sites that have established traffic and a reputation for quality content.

If your site meets the above criteria and your ready to submit your request for hosting, first, take a look at our hosting policies.

Hosting Policies      

No Illegal Software (i.e. Warez or mp3's)
No Adult Material or Adult Language.
Text 'Hosted By AvP Unknown' Will be placed at the bottom of the site.

What you get

Sub domain i.e http://www.avpunknown.com/yourname
Unlimited Webspace
Unlimited Bandwidth
PHP 5.4 + updated to the newest versions
PERL Scripting
SSI Scripting
CGI Scripting
SSL Secure Web Space.

All our servers are hosted via 'Linux' no windows bullshit here.  Cool

Applying for Hosting      

To request hosting at AvP Unknown Let us know by Email admin AT avpunknown.com - with the subject 'Hosting' and tell us what type of site you plan to host, be it Gaming movie comic/novel site - anything related to Alien/Predator/Aliens vs. Predator.
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