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Locked Topic Official Master Server Patch Website. (Read 3650 times)


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Official Master Server Patch Website.
Mar 2nd, 2015 at 12:07am

Today we see the 'Launch' of the official Master Server Patch Website (MSP)

This site has been long overdue...  I planned to make this a few years ago (just couldn't find the time back then.) - since the original site shutdown.. Well after a few discussions i managed to get the original master server developers permission (Herr_Alien) to make a site dedicated to the (MSP) and yes guys you can still download it from the 'main site' AvP Unknown but it's nice to have a 'home' for the Master Server patch.

(The website has other downloads AVP2 official updates/maps and a really good FAQ)

So everyone stop by spread the word get this link out there and keep AVP2 Alive.

So in future if someone is looking for a place to get the (MSP) Simply Follow this link.

Official Master Server Patch Website.

Added a shorter 'URL' for you guys/girls Here http://avp2master.tk/ - PASS IT AROUND

Site's Design is 'NOT FINAL' it will change a bit. (but thought i'll put it up now)

- Happy Hunting


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