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And yet it maps...

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sUk Sanctuary
May 6th, 2015 at 4:02pm
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Now that maps are being included in the master server patches i feel a larger project can be justified.

I'm kicking around two versions of this map in my mind, they could evolve into their own maps or one might win favor in the community over the other.

1).Team DM: Alien, Human and Pred each have their own base and compete for resources in a ruined cityscape.

Example setup

2). Team DM: Coop map where pred and humans team up to protect their base (and spawn) from increasing AI alien waves of death that can wipe out the player spawn and end the level. Resources are gathered at first from a small ruined hamlet (easy to aquire, small distance to travel) but will eventually run out forcing players into the much more dangerous ruined city. Map features day / night cycle, they mostly come out at night...mostly.

Example setup:

  • Bases in either map will be upgradeable via gathered resources, resources are gathered by either torching them (human) hacking them (pred) or tearing them (alien).
  • Death in the map forces player back to spawn, dead players much wait 30 - 45 seconds to be released from spawn (stops zerging, gives death consequence as others / ai can fuck your base up)
  • Full range of base upgrades available and selectable by players (human ammo drops, alien dark areas, pred no idea yet)
  • Map win condition, researching something (like an escape beacon for a drop ship) will end the map and declare the team that made it the victor. (Will also cycle next map on server)


Limited on time now, need to run to the gym, will update post later but please share thoughts!
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Re: sUk Sanctuary
Reply #1 - May 6th, 2015 at 4:33pm
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Sounds tight man!

You should make more 'movie themed' maps.

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