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Imp Hunter

And yet it maps...

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sUk Optimisations
May 17th, 2015 at 10:57am
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Changes so far:

sUk Hadleys:

Balanced for better Evac:

  • Sentry Turret panel inside command (marine start) room
  • Torches inside command room - No more corridor runs for torches in Evac, was too hard on marines and didn't leave a lot of time for welding doors shut.
  • Barricade in corridor removed in Evac - Removal of barricade plus the Sentry Turret panel in marine start room means that the vents exit into corridor cannot be camped anymore by aliens, those Sentry guns have zero targeting delay, 1,200 sight range and a clear line of sight, in plain English; They will fucking end you.

The above are Evac only changes and make for a more balanced game. Survivor wise the torches remain at barricade in corridor, the barricade is active and the Sentry Turret panel is back in its original place, this means the marines are forced into the corridor so the starting alien has a chance to convert more players. The barricade itself also provides much needed cover for the single alien.

sUk Stonghold 2:

Balance changes and Optimisations:

  • Cargo Hold path (marines successfully defend in glass cage above the synthetic hive) now correctly enables the last alien hive teleport
  • Mess Hall has had some roof access restrictions - was too easy for marines to get into the roof and create a kill zone from behind the pipes.
  • Culling of a load of redundant polygons - In some cases the poly count has been reduced by up to 40% in rooms, basically more glorious FPS for clients.
  • Culling of a metric fuck tonne of props - Original count 163, current 73 and falling, aim is for <50 props total. Server admins rejoice, this will translate to a far lower CPU load.
  • An issue has been raised over the glass cage blocking projectiles at random (when marines shoot at aliens trying to destroy supports) this is unfortunately unavoidable with the current setup. See image below.

While the glass roof (marines side) is non solid to let marines fire out the invisible bars are in place to hold the marines inside. I will try to come up with a better solution to this but a rework is unlikely, at the very least this explains why it acts the way it does so players can compensate for it.

I am in need of further feedback for sUk1, sUk2 and sUk hadleys, i want these maps to be the best they can before (hopefully) inclusion to any MSP patch and UMP releases.

Let me know what needs fixing / suggestions are also welcome!
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Re: sUk Optimisations
Reply #1 - May 17th, 2015 at 12:34pm
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Awesome Imp,

Remember to email 00, and it will get in UMP3, he told me 'hes half way' there and its going well lol so email him ASAP man!

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