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Normal Topic Climbable Ladders (Read 6000 times)

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Climbable Ladders
Jun 12th, 2010 at 11:16pm
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In this tutorial I will, assuming you have prior knowledge of DEdit and know how to build a basic room with lighting and a seal, explain how to create a climbable ladder.

First you must select a texture for your ladder's visual part, try 'WorldTextures >> Details >> Ladder3'.

Now create a brush, make it thin and as high as the ground to the point where you want it to end, centre your marker on the brush and bind it to a translucent world model (right-click > bind to object), go into the properties of the object and look for the 'chromakey' option and set it to true.

Now make a brush using the chrome or invisible texture, located in the worldtextures folder, make it from the ground to a few units higher than the ladder itself (so the player can get up and off the ladder safely), make it the same length as the ladder and give it a fair depth (enough to engolf a player, whatever looks right to you).

After doing this bind it to a volumebrush >> ladder object (right-click > bind to object), in the properties of this object you may modify how quickly a ladder can be climbed and other things.

Now process and run your map, climb your ladder and become king of the world!

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