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Normal Topic AI - Human Properties (Read 2835 times)

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AI - Human Properties
Jun 12th, 2010 at 11:18pm
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In this tutorial I will, assuming you have prior knowledge of DEdit and know how to open the properties tab, go through the settings and explain what they do on a human AI's property list.

This will work in the style of property name and then it's function.

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Name - The name used for commands, for example msg AI_Bob (ACTIVE 1;);

Pos(ition) - The position in DEdit coordinates the AI is at.

Rotation - Rotation, Pitch and Roll of the AI.

AllowInGameType - What game type should the AI to be in, what difficulty it belongs in essentially.

Damage Properties - Damage options, is the AI invincible? What should happen upon it's death?

MoveToFloor - Decides whether when the AI is spawned should he be on the ground or not.

ShowDeadBody - If true then a BodyProp will be spawned when the AI is killed.

AttributeOverride - Sets certain options, allowing you to override his attachments and health.

Starting Node - Node the AI will spawn at when the level starts.

Leash Length & Point - Point: Leash node, Length: Length of the leash, this essentially keeps an AI at a certain position and only allows him to go so far from it.

Start Reactions - Allows you to set reactions to certain actions, if he hears footsteps what should happen?

Start Active - Is the AI enabled at level spawn or will he come in later? (Requires ACTIVE 1 command to be brought in to the level)

Commands - Initial messages to be sent to the AI, an example might be 'trg player'.

Goals - The AI's goals; Attack, Patrol, Investigate and so on.

Amb, Warn & Hostile Track Sets - Song to play when idle, alert and engaging the player.

AttributeTemplate - Attribute set, generally modifies the vision of the AI and how well it may sense things.

Character Type - AI's Model/Character base, such as the scientist or guard characters.

DEdit Colour - Colour of the object in DEdit, for editor reference.

DEdit Dim(ension)s - Size of the object in DEdit, for editor reference.

Weapon - AI's weapon; Pulserifle, Pistol and so on.

Secondary Weapon - Second weapon to use when primary is unusable, if the primary weapon is a grenade or rocketlauncher then it will switch to this in order to prevent self-harm.

Tertiary Weapon - If the AI can't use the primary or secondary weapon, use this, works in the same manner as Secondary Weapon. 

Those are the properties seen in a human AI's property list - be sure to set the weapon and character type of your AI when you make them - otherwise you'll end up with every marine being harrison and every corporate the apesuit.

Note that complex AI require an AI volume bound to a brush in order to navigate, otherwise they will not move, this rule does not apply to simple aliens though.

AI will automatically move in these bound boxes in order to investigate, retreat, attack and anything else they are set to do, they will not leave these boxes as AI volumes essentially act like guides for them to move around, and tell them not to cross any particular lines.

If you have any questions then post here, I'll reply to you.

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