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Weapon Continuity Pack
Nov 6th, 2015 at 11:14pm
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Link: http://www.avpunknown.com/avpclassic/files/maps/weapon_continuity_pack.zip

After recalling a few complaints about the weapons you collect as a marine not carrying over from level to level, I decided to do something about it. Since the game is programmed to return to the game menu after each level completion screen, and since it's also programmed to start you out with only a pulse rifle, carrying over your same weapons and ammunition levels from level to level is impossible without turning multiple maps into one long one with warps. So I decided to do the next best thing, which was to add weapon pickups at the starting point of each level that reflect the weapons obtained in the previous level(s) and the ammo levels that most likely would've ended each level. Here are the levels and their respective pickups:

Colony: 2 pulse rifles
Invasion: 2 pulse rifles, 2 smartguns, 2 pistols
Orbital: 3 pulse rifles, 2 smartguns, 2 flamethrowers, 3 pistols
Sulaco: 3 pulse rifles, 2 smartguns, 2 flamethrowers, 2 SADARs, 1 grenade launcher, 4 pistols
Hangar: 4 pulse rifles, 3 smartguns, 3 flamethrowers, 2 SADARs, 1 grenade launchers, 1 minigun, 1 skeeter, 5 pistols

This ends up making the levels very easy by comparison to the originals, and allows you to kill the queen by conventional weaponry, but I thought I'd address people's wishes for the game to feel more campaign-like. The weapon stashes are located directly behind you in each map with the sole exception of Invasion, where they are right in front of you inside the APC.

The .zip file contains a read_me detailing installation, as well as the new level files and original level files for restoration.

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