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Normal Topic avprp on gmod How to add the textures of the map? (Read 3843 times)

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avprp on gmod How to add the textures of the map?
Apr 8th, 2016 at 9:55am
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To not see the purple and black errors, simply follow this french tutorial:

Go to this link and download http://adf.ly/1670730/hl2cp folder.

Later, when you have the RAR file, which is called HL2CP, open the folder and you will see the name of half-life_2_content_pack.

You no longer has the insert as is in this way:

Documents \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ garrysmod \ garrysmod \ addons

It may be that your Steam folder is not the same place as mine of course.

Once put into the addons folder, they will ask you for a password which is one hl2cp.
The extraction time and folder layout can be long but you will look better game Smiley

Once this file in your addons file, restart GMOD and voila.
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