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Normal Topic New Single-Player Map: Alien Trilogy L111 Entrance (Read 113 times)
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New Single-Player Map: Alien Trilogy L111 Entrance
Feb 14th, 2024 at 10:28am
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Hey everyone, today Bobblen has released his first map for AvP Classic 2000, a port of the first Alien Trilogy map, L111 Entrance. Here's what he had to say on Discord:

New single player map release: L111 - Entrance by Bobblen
My single player conversion based on the classic first map of 1996's Alien Trilogy is finally ready. It ends very quickly if you want it to, but I suggest you hang around for a bit to fight the aliens in the creepy corridors, soaking up the atmosphere. This is my first ever map for avp classic or indeed any FPS so thanks everyone for being so encouraging and helping me out when I got stuck. Hope you all enjoy it.

You can get it at the following links:
ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/games/aliens-vs-predator/addons/l111-entrance
Alternative Link: http://avpunknown.com/avpclassic/files/maps/l111_entrance_v1.zip

I can answer any questions you might have on how to play it.
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