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Sticky Topic AVP Classic Modding Tools (Read 4547 times)
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AVP Classic Modding Tools
Oct 8th, 2015 at 6:59am
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Direct Link to AVP Gold Editing Tools: http://avpunknown.com/avpclassic/files/tools/avpeditingtools.zip

I have uploaded the tools and programs needed to seriously mod AVP99, AVP Gold Edition, and AVP Classic 2000. The contents include:
  • The officially released source code to AVP Gold Edition
  • The officially released editing tools ("Gold Tools") for Gold Edition, which include Rebellion's 3D Studio Max plug-ins.
  • Player-made modding tools (e.g. FastFile Explorer, Leadworks)
  • The AvP GE Level Editor

With the exception of the source code, all of these tools can be used to mod Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000. Because of the nature of AVP Classic 2000, the original Gold Edition source code is incompatible with it. You might be able to figure something out if you use the source code compiled by sirlemonhead, which can be found here.

Note that you may need a disc version of Aliens versus Predator Gold Edition in order for you to get the official Gold Tools to work. To get Inteng to run properly, see this thread.
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