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Locked Topic A Love Letter From JP aka JP54 :) (Read 7572 times)
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A Love Letter From JP aka JP54 :)
Feb 5th, 2016 at 5:08am

So a friend has brought it to my attention that one of my biggest fans wrote an entire essay about me over at this boy blows... site. His name is JP aka JP54. He's been banned from this forum ages ago yet still lurks around under various IP addresses.

The backstory on the ban: http://www.avpunknown.com/cgi-bin/YaBB.pl?num=1431397102

No man has ever spent this much time talking about me ever. It comes off kinda gay or at least stalker-ish for a man to spend this much time obsessed with me, but I'd thought I'd share this anyways because I find it hilarious.

See the attached photos below.

Since JP is reading this, either glowing in his gay obsession for me or fuming with seething hatred and jealousy, I figured I would respond. After all, this is the least I could do for my number 1 fan.

Here are bullet point responses to all of your arguments JP. Enjoy not responding in this locked thread that I know you will read and get infuriated by more.

1. JP, I don't care what you think of me. Good or bad.

2. I'm not "butthurt." I'm actually a very cheerful person.

3. I don't ask for praise or expect to have people worship me as you may think. You're the one with the ego when you speak of how pro you are with stagger and your so called video game skills. I'm a grown man. I could care less about your video game skills.

4. People who downloaded this game for free and play are freeloaders. I am a freeloader of other games. No one has to contribute to anything. I stated facts.

5. Comparing your skins to mine? lol jealous much? I always complemented you on your work and you still compare to me? What's the point? Jealous huh. My inferno pred skin is one my first skins when I was a rookie. I still like it and others have told me too. If you don't like it, congratulations on your opinion.

6. My Star Wars mod was published in a magazine. Was it slammed? Yes. Did my mod get over 300,000 downloads (at least) off of various websites and get shipped all across the UK on physical media? That it did too. I got publication, physical distribution, and more downloads on 1 mod than all the stuff you ever made for AvP2 in your life. Did you get any of that? lol, that burns you doesn't it?

7. I'm not authoritarian or elitist. I'm 100% a hardcore capitalist, constitutionalist, and I guess you could say libertarian too. I follow the political views of Thomas Jefferson, a classical liberal. Getting my mod published in pczoneuk was proof of me being a capitalist. lol you're so dumb.

8. Yeah you're banned from the forum. You're the one butt hurt over it still and complaining about it on avpgalaxy and this boy blows forum.

9. Canonmaster was at one time banned from using tbbc mod. That was documented on this forum. There are several others I can name too. But no one needs that mod in the first place so I don't know why you keep crying about it.

10. I've always complained about the lack of uninstaller no matter what version. Why do you care so much about my opinion? Homo? Cry me a river.

11. My skins lack an uninstaller. That is true. BUT, they don't come with an installer. So, when you download it, you have the option where you want to put it. By the way, thanks for downloading all my skins. I knew you were a fan! Wink How else could you know that they don't have an uninstaller. Grin

12. What demands have I made? I said a big fuck you to tbbc and yourself and I went about my separate way. I've made no such demands and I carry on about my own business. If I had one demand, it would be for you to go fuck yourself again or at least move on. You're like a clinging ex-girlfriend. But you're guy. C'mon man....

13. Again I've contributed tons of stuff. I've contributed nothing to a master server if that is what you mean? But I kinda did with beta testing when the original was made by LithFAQ. Just because I don't kiss TBBC's ass doesn't mean I don't contribute. I built an AvP2 site, loads of downloads, etc. You? You contributed this nice love letter to me. Thanks bro!

14. You're still on about the maps? This was a year ago. 2015 called, it wants this conversation back.

15. I don't agree with the patch direction. Yeah, I don't and I use alternative means to play online. I don't need to make a patch. Did you make a patch? Oh.... right.

16. I never had control over the msp. You're so dumb. I was never involved from the beginning.

17. I'm throwing a tantrum and you randomly attack me out of nowhere when I haven't named you once in ages. How old are you again?

18. When I say AvP2 has one of the worst communities, it's because a lot of people still hack/cheat. Kinda like you do with your stagger exploits and other cheats. A lot of people have told me you cheat even though I never asked them. You seem to have a lot of enemies (again why you are banned from the forum). Also there are people like you who just go off attacking people. You did it on this site, avpgalaxy and now this boy blows.... forum. I mean grow up.

You're still arguing me over a video game...... I visit this site for a fun hobby and you've made it ultra personal here. You were banned from this forum because you can't play nice with others. I've heard you were banned from some Putmacher servers too recently. You're childish and immature. Time to grow up. I debated whether or not to even post this, because it's like "am I stooping to JP's level?"

But I like to show others the type of person you are and I get off on infuriating you with my comments. Your jealousy and hatred runs deep, but its also somewhat gay and stalkerish that you track everything that I do.

You guys can make whatever mod you want and call it master server patch 9000 super ultra edition and I don't care. I won't use it, but I won't stop others from using it either. Honestly, I don't care what you guys do. I don't have to like your stuff and you don't have to like the stuff we do over here.  I've distanced myself from you guys. I only comment on a msp when someone else mentions it here because this is a public forum where people converse. It is time for you to distance yourself from me and this place in general.

This is out of character for me to curse at people, so I apologize to any normal visitors who are reading this.

This thread will remained locked so that even if you make a fake account here you can't respond.

JP, you can still kiss my ass though. Smiley Go make a rage response and prove your maturity. Or perhaps another DDOS attack? Grow up. This is getting old.

Love KingKenny Cheesy
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