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Normal Topic Using Prefabs (Read 2773 times)

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Using Prefabs
Jun 12th, 2010 at 11:15pm
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In this tutorial I will, assuming you have prior knowledge of DEdit and know how to build a basic room with lighting and a seal, demonstrate how to use prefabs.

'Prefab' stands for 'Prefabricated Item', they are very useful and save construction time in a map when used.

You can download them from a website such as avp2maps, google that if you want to snatch some.

Now first off you should have something like a box, barrel, complex keyframed dropship or something that you might find useful as a prefab for later use.

Now select it so it's highlighted, make sure your marker is on the grid in the corner, on one of the black handles, click on the 'selection' tab on the toolbar and click 'Save as Prefab'.

Here you may select your directory, for example AVP2 >> Worlds >> Prefabs and then save it once you're happy with where it is.

Now open the map you wish to import your new prefab into, click on the 'File' tab and press 'Import World', then select the .ed file for the prefab you just saved.

Now it should be in the map under the green marker, be sure you have the marker placed correctly on the grid before importing something as it may be placed off-grid which can create later complications:

Process and run the game to see your shiny prefab in another map!

And that's how you create and use a prefab, if you have any questions just post here and I'll reply.

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