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Aug 22nd, 2020 at 11:30pm
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After years of avoiding the AvP2 player known as Apostolos, I've decided to write a journalistic style post about all my dealings and history with this person. He has continued to attack everyone associated with AvPUnknown, AvPGalaxy staff, the master server patch developers, numerous AvP2 players and myself for years. I warned him years ago that I would expose him if he didn't leave me alone. Thus, I've reached the crossroads where I feel enough is enough. Before I begin, I must state that everything I'm stating in this post consists of my personal opinion, documented evidence (photographs and chat logs) and my recollection of events. I may edit this post in the future to fill in the gaps as other individuals supply additional evidence or claims to support my claims. I encourage others to reply to this thread to support my claims.

I must stress that no evidence posted here about Apostolos is personal information that would reveal his personal identity. All the evidence is either obtained from public websites, public forums, public servers, my chat logs with him, my email correspondence with him, etc. I have made sure to blur out any personal details that would reveal any identifiable information about him. Apostolos, his first name, is PUBLIC information as it is his ORIGINAL AvP2 username/alias since about August of 2004 (citation - https://www.gamefront.com/@apostolos2/forums/posts?page=1)

My goal is to expose the AvP2 player publicly known as Apostolos, in that he goes around various AvP, AvP2, Alien, Predator and other gaming communities posing as multiple users (Propane Predator, Apostolos, Darkstar, Apollo, Snipes, Spoonman101, Paul, etc) to cause drama. In addition to his multiple aliases, I believe he a massive fraud and liar. For the reader, you can make that decision on your own, but I think you will likely agree after seeing the screenshots below.

Let's begin.

I first heard of Apostolos on the now defunct, AvP2files subdomain on Filefront. He was a frequent poster on the Filefront forums. While AvP2files is gone, Filefront still exists today as Gamefront. Apostolos' public Gamefront profile and forum posts are still available at https://www.gamefront.com/@apostolos2/

Screenshot of Gamefront profile:

Note his website called WWW.SKINFACTORY.CO.NR. This site has long been defunct. More on this later.

As for what Apostolos was posting on these forums, it was mostly typical fanboy AvP and AvP2 talk. But there are a few posts that stand out above the rest. The first is that Apostolos admitted to cheating/hacking in AvP2. I found this out after he got into a debate with me about AvP2 being dead in 2005/2006 and not worth playing anymore. It's 2020 and he's still annoying.

Here it is:

Also note he says that he can put his "foot down and destroy the community" by himself. Sounds like a great guy right?

Back to AvP2files. AvP2files was a "file site" or a free host for fan mad mods, skins, maps, etc for AvP2. There were about four administrators who ran AvP2files. Two were network administrators that controlled all the file sites like AvP2files, Halofiles, GTAfiles, etc. AvP2Files had two specific admins just for that file site. The first was Bluehair, who was mostly active during the inception of AvP2files. The site slowly became inactive and around 2004-2005, x-M-x (the owner of www.avpunknown.com) applied for admin and was granted full administrative access to AvP2files. The site got a huge boost in the number of files that would be approved and published by x-M-x. AvP2files became VERY active and was probably the most active file site for AvP2 until it closed down.

During this time, Apostolos began to submit multiple skins to AvP2files. x-M-x would look at every file submitted to AvP2files from every user to see if was an original work. x-M-x noted that the skins that Apostolos was submitting were rip skins or rip mods. A rip mod is when someone takes a mod or part of a mod that was made by someone else and tries to pass it off as their own. Apostolos' skins were all rejected for being rips. He continued submitting more rips and eventually x-M-x banned Apostolos from AvP2files for plagiarism. Apostolos describes his ban in the forums here:

Note on the last picture that the thread title is Bad Blood Skin. Apostolos was the leader of a clan called "Bad Blood Yaujtas" or "BBY" for short. This "BBY" clan tag will be of significance later on in this post. Evidence that Apostolos was in BBY:

As for his skins, I can't find any of them online anywhere. I have probably about 99.99% of all custom files made for AvP2 and I can't find one skin or mod made by Apostolos. I know he was putting them up on his old skin site "theskinfactory" at some point, but these are the same ripped files he was banned for on AvP2files. As far as I'm concerned, Apostolos has made one original work for AvP2 and it was a "color skin" called "Bad Blood Skin" he did. I don't recall what this looked like, but I'm going over my previous comments about it for reference (see below chat logs). Color skins are often regarded as cheat skins and get removed from file sites. He had a few additional skins that were only hosted on his freewebs site which is not archived. His skins are not online any current AvP2 file site, so they may not have been popular or all of them were rejected. He hasn't reuploaded them anywhere as of the time of this writing, so perhaps he doesn't think much of them. I don't know. If someone can find an original file made by him in the past that isn't a cheat skin, please post it.

Eventually Apostolos found out that it was x-M-x who banned him on AvP2files in 2005 and the repeating bans. How he found out is detailed later in the chat logs in August of 2007. However, it served him right for repetitively submitting plagiarized content. Even before he knew that x-M-x banned him, he held him accountable for it as x-M-x was the only really active admin of AvP2Files. This is an important milestone as it marked his lifelong grudge of making x-M-x his mortal enemy in the AvP2 fan base.

Apostolos did post on pretty much every AvP2 forum around this time. He plays dumb about it, but reads everything concerning AvP2 (more evidence of this later in the chat logs). But there are no archives to show of these posts. If anyone has them, please provide them to add to this post.

Around this time I was using MSN Messenger frequently to chat with other AvP2 players, organize AvP2 games and work on AvP2 mods. Apostolos messaged me off of multiple email addresses in MSN Messenger. The email address server as the MSN Messenger account. Just like today where he has numerous aliases and accounts (more on that later), he did the same on MSN Messenger. I wasn't "friends" with him on MSN Messenger yet. Anyone could message me unless I blocked them. It's hard to keep track of the initial conversation him and I had because he kept switching email addresses. Most of the chats started with him just messaging me hi but not really talking much.

This changed on June 27, 2005. An AvP2 player by the name of Acidglow (the now famous, monotone, youtuber who sounds like he's reading off a wiki page) messaged me on MSN Messenger and invited Apostolos into the chat. I was sent a friend request from Apostolos and accepted it. Fortunately, I left the setting to save all conversations in MSN Messenger to on and I have all MSN Messenger communications with Apostolos saved. Here is that initial conversation:

Select All
| Session Start: Monday, June 27, 2005                               |
| Participants:                                                      |
|    KingKenny (email address omitted)                             |
|    :^)Apostolos:^) (email address omitted)               |
|    ~Trance~ (email address omitted)                                 |
[04:38:18 PM] ~Trance~: There ya go Kenny
[04:38:25 PM] KingKenny: yes?
[04:38:38 PM] ~Trance~: KingKenny says:
              I wanna talk to Apostolos.
[04:38:43 PM] KingKenny: lol bs
[04:38:48 PM] ~Trance~: rofl1
[04:38:49 PM] KingKenny: such a liar
[04:38:56 PM] ~Trance~: teeth2k
[04:38:59 PM] KingKenny: anyways hi
[04:39:04 PM] :^)Apostolos: hello
[04:39:39 PM] KingKenny: ok added
[04:39:57 PM] ~Trance~: Love at first sight I see. teeth2k
[04:40:34 PM] :^)Apostolos: hello
[04:40:40 PM] KingKenny: ya hi
[04:40:45 PM] :^)Apostolos: you guys hate m do u
[04:40:57 PM] KingKenny: no dont hate anyone
[04:41:03 PM] KingKenny: except dictators
[04:41:06 PM] ~Trance~: Kenny hates everyone 'cause he's "t3h KING"
[04:41:07 PM] KingKenny: and communism
[04:41:12 PM] KingKenny: lol no
[04:41:16 PM] ~Trance~: lol yes!
[04:41:19 PM] KingKenny: no
[04:41:24 PM] ~Trance~: OUI!
[04:41:29 PM] KingKenny: nunca
[04:41:35 PM] ~Trance~: SIEMPRE!
[04:41:43 PM] KingKenny: :@
[04:41:48 PM] ~Trance~: (H)
[04:41:57 PM] ~Trance~: teeth2k
[04:41:59 PM] :^)Apostolos: hey acid glow can i use your heat vison do
              use on my mod
[04:42:08 PM] ~Trance~: I already told you before...
[04:42:12 PM] KingKenny: lol
[04:42:15 PM] :^)Apostolos: cmon i need it
[04:42:18 PM] ~Trance~: hm2k
[04:42:27 PM] :^)Apostolos: i made one but they look the same
[04:42:43 PM] ~Trance~: I bet you did..you sure it's not someone
              else's...but you giving it a new name?
[04:42:46 PM] :^)Apostolos: PRET1
[04:42:53 PM] :^)Apostolos: nope
[04:43:09 PM] :^)Apostolos: 999'
[04:43:15 PM] KingKenny: it was the flags and groups thing that took
              me so long to figure it out
[04:43:36 PM] KingKenny: thx for the help ag 8-)
[04:43:50 PM] ~Trance~: With what?
[04:43:58 PM] KingKenny: lol sarcasm
[04:44:08 PM] KingKenny: exactly "with what?"
[04:44:10 PM] ~Trance~: bk2z
[04:44:15 PM] :^)Apostolos: i made arnold as a marine
[04:44:22 PM] KingKenny: let me see a pic
[04:44:36 PM] :^)Apostolos: k hold on
[04:46:45 PM] :^)Apostolos: i mixed up the tard hud with the ordinary
              hud on assault team\
[04:46:52 PM] ~Trance~: lol
[04:47:07 PM] :^)Apostolos: and it got deleted
[04:47:12 PM] KingKenny: <tard-)
[04:47:33 PM] ~Trance~: "Tard lover wannabe" :P
[04:47:35 PM] :^)Apostolos: <tard-)
[04:47:43 PM] KingKenny: I only use 2
[04:47:54 PM] KingKenny: I need some (H)
[04:49:02 PM] ~Trance~: Jesse Ventura I tell ya!
[04:49:14 PM] KingKenny: better not be like the last pic
[04:49:23 PM] KingKenny: or they'll be hell to pay
[04:49:28 PM] :^)Apostolos: lol
[04:49:35 PM] ~Trance~: lol
[04:49:36 PM] :^)Apostolos: i want that skin
[04:49:49 PM] KingKenny: ok its good
[04:49:55 PM] KingKenny: whew
[04:50:02 PM] ~Trance~: yer
[04:50:13 PM] ~Trance~: There's even Dutch, Mac and Dillan
[04:50:21 PM] :^)Apostolos: have you ever played projam
[04:50:23 PM] KingKenny: Headhunter mod?
[04:50:29 PM] ~Trance~: pfft, no.
[04:50:32 PM] KingKenny: I played 1, 2, 3
[04:50:46 PM] ~Trance~: I played 3..then was...wtf?...then quit..
[04:50:47 PM] :^)Apostolos: i made skins so you could use in
[04:50:52 PM] KingKenny: yep
[04:52:03 PM] :^)Apostolos:^) has left the conversation.

As you can see Apostolos wanted to use Acidglow's mods for his own mod. This is because Apostolos doesn't make any original content himself. Acidglow knew this and told him no. For the record, I blocked Acidglow sometime later because he could be a dick at times.

Select All
| Session Start: Tuesday, February 07, 2006                          |
| Participants:                                                      |
|    KingKenny (email address omitted)                             |
|    -  ---|Teh_Apostolos|---  - (email address omitted)              |
[08:57:41 PM] KingKenny: hey
[08:57:46 PM] KingKenny: http://www.gh0std0wn.com/forum/index.php
[08:57:50 PM] KingKenny: seen it?
[08:57:58 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: hmm nop3
[08:58:01 PM] KingKenny: you know ghostdown right?
[08:58:03 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: nope*
[08:58:03 PM] KingKenny: the skinner
[08:58:07 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: ya
[08:58:12 PM] KingKenny: ya him
[08:58:43 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: isnt he mandalore?
[08:58:58 PM] KingKenny: no, he hosts mandalore's site
[08:59:06 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: oh ok
[09:00:20 PM] KingKenny: registering?
[09:00:36 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: should i?
[09:00:54 PM] KingKenny: well the guy posts a lot of new files there
[09:00:59 PM] KingKenny: so does mandalore
[09:01:03 PM] KingKenny: eh up to you
[09:01:31 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: hmmm i need a place for people to host my
[09:01:59 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: would ghost down do so?
[09:02:19 PM] KingKenny: Dont know, but he is nice to nice people
[09:02:40 PM] KingKenny: He once offered to host my images for my
              freewebs site
[09:02:47 PM] KingKenny: when I couldnt find a host
[09:02:59 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: hmm, tell him i can get him laid
[09:03:10 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: if he hosts my files
[09:03:15 PM] KingKenny: lol cmon
[09:03:21 PM] KingKenny: tell him yourself
[09:03:37 PM] KingKenny: he wont listen if I ask for someone else
[09:04:03 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: i can get you laid to, I can give you a
              queen jenny and you and her can rule the galaxy
[09:05:09 PM] KingKenny: no thanks
[09:06:10 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: can you return me a favor now
[09:06:12 PM] -  ---|Teh_A:
[09:06:15 PM] MSN Search: We couldn't complete your search for
              "http://s7.invisionfree.com/BadBloods/index.php". :(
              Please try again.
[09:06:18 PM] -  ---|Teh_A:
[09:06:24 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: register on my forums
[09:06:43 PM] KingKenny: I dont register on clan sites
[09:06:54 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: and why not?
[09:07:22 PM] KingKenny: If another clan spots me on another clan
              forum, I get tons of requests to join theirs
[09:07:29 PM] KingKenny: I stick to the main avp2 forums
[09:07:48 PM] KingKenny: pavp, avpoutbreak, avp2mods, and
[09:07:50 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: ok then do me another favor
[09:08:50 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: i need you to download my very first skin,
              and rate it
[09:09:02 PM] KingKenny: where?
[09:09:09 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: im gonna give you the link
[09:09:15 PM] KingKenny: ok
[09:10:00 PM] -  ---|Teh_A:
[09:10:29 PM] KingKenny: 12 mb?
[09:10:38 PM] KingKenny: whats in it?
[09:10:52 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: sounds weapon skins, hmm the skin itself
[09:11:21 PM] KingKenny: ok
[09:11:34 PM] KingKenny: I cant test now, I will later this week
[09:11:44 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: ok then thanks
[09:13:55 PM] KingKenny: np, downloading...
[09:20:39 PM] KingKenny: I opened the rez
[09:20:45 PM] KingKenny: I can review faster that way
[09:20:54 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: ok
[09:20:54 PM] KingKenny: so I dont need to actually play the game
[09:21:00 PM] KingKenny: Sounds were good
[09:21:05 PM] KingKenny: interface ok
[09:21:23 PM] KingKenny: skins looked alright, but its only a color
[09:21:32 PM] KingKenny: only real changes were on the mask
[09:21:39 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: and his chest
[09:21:43 PM] KingKenny: and that
[09:21:47 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: and back
[09:22:06 PM] KingKenny: use custom textures for skins
[09:22:19 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: ya i have photoshop now 

In the above conversation, Apostolos questions about x-M-x or (formerly known as Mandalore) once again asks me to look at his one skin that I know of and I call it a color skin. He gets photoshop though, so new skins should be on the way hopefully.

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| Session Start: Tuesday, January 31, 2006                           |
| Participants:                                                      |
|    KingKenny (email address omitted)                             |
|    -  ---|Teh_Apostolos|---  - (email address omitted)              |
[08:38:33 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: oh ya i broke up with jen
[08:38:59 PM] KingKenny: cause?
[08:39:28 PM] -  ---|Teh_A: i dont know, liveing together was stupid
[08:40:03 PM] KingKenny: lol 

The above conversation is rather short. I post it to point out that he was living with a woman. This is significant in that it illustrates that Apostolos is an adult and should be fully aware of his actions at this point. Also he has horrible grammar.

More conversations:

In the following conversation, Apostolos admits that he follows my work and is waiting for me to release my Star Wars Mod (version 1.0 at the time).

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| Session Start: Saturday, March 25, 2006                            |
| Participants:                                                      |
|    KingKenny (email address omitted)                             |
|    -  Äpostolos - (email address omitted)                           |
[02:34:33 PM] -  Äpostolos: kenny you like the floyd?
[02:34:51 PM] KingKenny: nah
[02:34:58 PM] -  Äpostolos: eh scratch that I tried to make myself
              look clever but it back fired with that remark
[02:35:18 PM] KingKenny: I'm taking care of that shoutbox now
[02:35:40 PM] -  Äpostolos: lol, banning me from making posts i
[02:35:47 PM] KingKenny: no
[02:36:47 PM] -  Äpostolos: I see no flames, except this moron who
              said I was a hacker lol
[02:39:55 PM] -  Äpostolos: its good to see that your mod is almost
              finished, If you want any help like converting maps from
              starwars games in avp2 maps, just ask ;) I'll be happy
              to get involved
[02:40:15 PM] KingKenny: how could you help?
[02:40:41 PM] -  Äpostolos: converting starwars maps into avp2 maps, i
              cant do it but my friend can
[02:40:52 PM] KingKenny: who is?
[02:41:23 PM] KingKenny: Btw maps take a lot of time, so I'm not going
              to add any more in the mod.
[02:41:39 PM] -  Äpostolos: ok then, anything else?
[02:41:47 PM] KingKenny: um
[02:41:54 PM] -  Äpostolos: than* fuck my english
[02:42:30 PM] KingKenny: nope, nothing I can think of.
[02:43:11 PM] -  Äpostolos: ok then, oh and it seems i still have my
              Apostolos=Suck: who gives a shit if you came back. Your
              nothing but a hacker, why should he be proud?
[02:43:13 PM] -  Äpostolos: lol
[02:43:26 PM] KingKenny: I deleted that post
[02:43:43 PM] KingKenny: Posts like that lead to flame wars
[02:43:48 PM] -  Äpostolos: delete mine than, i dotn want to look
[02:43:52 PM] KingKenny: did
[02:43:59 PM] -  Äpostolos: good man kenny
[02:44:57 PM] -  Äpostolos: speaking of which this isnt going to be a
              big mod like a gig or soething
[02:45:43 PM] KingKenny: rez is about 300mb. If I didnt compress all
              the textures and sounds in the mod, it would be about
[02:46:03 PM] -  Äpostolos: well thats good
[02:46:22 PM] -  Äpostolos: when its done, want to try it out?
[02:46:43 PM] KingKenny: When I release it, I'll be playing on the
              custom maps a lot
[02:46:56 PM] KingKenny: It will be on hho's server for sure
[02:47:10 PM] -  Äpostolos: cool, I want to try it
[02:48:57 PM] -  Äpostolos: anyway I got to go, Im going to play some
              music with some friends in about an half an hour, and
              one is borrowing my car, damn bastard why doesnt he get
              a job
[02:49:08 PM] KingKenny: lol k
[02:49:09 PM] KingKenny: bye
[02:49:16 PM] -  Äpostolos: bye 

Also with the above conversation he states that he has a car. Once again this indicates that he is an adult and not a kid. This will be significant later.

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| Session Start: Thursday, July 13, 2006                             |
| Participants:                                                      |
|    KingKenny (email address omitted)                             |
|    -  Apostolos - (email address omitted)                           |
[10:41:17 PM] -  Apostolos: hey its kenny
[10:41:25 PM] KingKenny: sup?
[10:42:05 PM] -  Apostolos: not much, got banned from avp2 files,
              changed my port,my ip and my hosts name
[10:42:13 PM] -  Apostolos: still got my way through
[10:42:32 PM] -  Apostolos: anyway what about you? 

Above he details the beginning of his life long career in evading bans on websites and servers. This was not his first ban from AvP2Files.

Continued in the next post....
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Re: GlobalAvP's Propane Predator = Apostolos = Darkstar = Apollo = Snipes = Spoonman101 = Paul = Koodles
Reply #1 - Aug 23rd, 2020 at 4:27am
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Here is a big one:

Select All
| Session Start: Sunday, April 09, 2006                              |
| Participants:                                                      |
|    KingKenny (email address omitted)                             |
|    -  Äpostolos - (email address omitted)                           |
[10:43:09 AM] -  Äpostolos: did you know acidglow went emo for raptor
[10:43:46 AM] KingKenny: he did?
[10:43:51 AM] -  Äpostolos: yes
[10:44:00 AM] -  Äpostolos: OH GOD ITS SO FUNNY
[10:44:07 AM] KingKenny: why?
[10:44:08 AM] -  Äpostolos: yet so expected
[10:44:12 AM] KingKenny: what happened?
[10:44:24 AM] -  Äpostolos: ok he said he loved her one time
[10:45:08 AM] -  Äpostolos: and she said she had a boyfriend, and he
              typed on his site that a girl said no and he was going
              to kill hiimself this happened like year ago or
[10:46:19 AM] -  Äpostolos: i told you he was a fag
[10:47:36 AM] KingKenny: I remember when he was known as bloody tears
              and had that tripod site he posted all this werid crap
              about his love life
[10:48:12 AM] -  Äpostolos: wait that was him!
[10:48:29 AM] KingKenny: yea, I didnt know it was raptor red
[10:49:17 AM] -  Äpostolos: his head is so up his ass how can you like
[10:49:30 AM] KingKenny: I dont
[10:49:44 AM] -  Äpostolos: I thought you two were best friends
[10:49:48 AM] KingKenny: hell no
[10:50:04 AM] KingKenny: He only comes to me for help
[10:50:21 AM] KingKenny: and then when I make a file he says I copied
[10:50:43 AM] -  Äpostolos: hmm all this back talk about acidglow do
              you do that to me
[10:51:13 AM] KingKenny: huh?
[10:51:38 AM] KingKenny: I've posted about AG on forums and shoutboxes
              saying I dont like him
[10:51:59 AM] KingKenny: He's the only person I have publicly said
              things about
[10:52:32 AM] KingKenny: he started talking crap about me on some
              shoutbox for no reason
[10:52:38 AM] KingKenny: then started to flame me
[10:52:40 AM] KingKenny: etc
[10:53:07 AM] -  Äpostolos: ya he is a class A asshole
[10:53:23 AM] -  Äpostolos: I even done the mathh
[10:53:25 AM] -  Äpostolos: math*
[10:54:10 AM] -  Äpostolos: Fag+Emo= Fagemo= Acidglow
[10:54:20 AM] -  Äpostolos: not complicated at all
[10:55:37 AM] KingKenny: lol
[10:55:49 AM] -  Äpostolos: so how long do you estimate before he
[10:55:51 AM] KingKenny: I honestly dont like him at all
[10:56:09 AM] KingKenny: I've banned ag from my site several times
[10:56:18 AM] -  Äpostolos: lol
[10:56:20 AM] KingKenny: he moved and I had to ban different ips
[10:56:20 AM] -  Äpostolos: GOOD
[10:56:47 AM] -  Äpostolos: I stole his work and put it on avp2files
              to get banned and test my proxy
[10:56:53 AM] -  Äpostolos: dont tell anyone though
[10:58:05 AM] -  Äpostolos: but why isnt he banned
[10:58:11 AM] KingKenny: from?
[10:58:18 AM] -  Äpostolos: everything!
[10:58:28 AM] KingKenny: dunno
[10:58:40 AM] -  Äpostolos: I mean come on he gets admin in avp2mods
[11:00:15 AM] KingKenny: no
[11:00:20 AM] KingKenny: he doesnt
[11:01:04 AM] -  Äpostolos: he had one when me and mandalore had a
              flame war in the forums
[11:01:12 AM] -  Äpostolos: good times good times
[11:01:20 AM] KingKenny: lol
[11:01:37 AM] -  Äpostolos: what about mandalore?
[11:01:49 AM] KingKenny: what about him?
[11:01:59 AM] -  Äpostolos: you like him?
[11:02:09 AM] KingKenny: No I like women
[11:02:22 AM] KingKenny: :P
[11:02:28 AM] -  Äpostolos: lol
[11:02:40 AM] -  Äpostolos: no i mean is he like acidglow?
[11:02:52 AM] KingKenny: no
[11:03:12 AM] -  Äpostolos: he is moderator somewhere
[11:03:19 AM] KingKenny: yea
[11:03:46 AM] -  Äpostolos: where?
[11:04:01 AM] KingKenny: you know
[11:04:30 AM] -  Äpostolos: I havnt been around for a long time i
              forget a few unimportant thing
[11:04:33 AM] -  Äpostolos: things*
[11:05:10 AM] KingKenny: I've seen you on many forums
[11:05:15 AM] KingKenny: you're around
[11:05:24 AM] -  Äpostolos: ya now i am
[11:05:55 AM] KingKenny: so what are you getting at?
[11:06:13 AM] -  Äpostolos: is it avp nation, planet clans, avp 2
              files, avp2mods
[11:06:16 AM] -  Äpostolos: which one
[11:06:25 AM] -  Äpostolos: I dont know
[11:06:51 AM] KingKenny: :|
[11:06:59 AM] KingKenny: you're kidding me right?
[11:07:07 AM] -  Äpostolos: what
[11:07:17 AM] KingKenny: You visit all those sites
[11:07:30 AM] -  Äpostolos: ya I do now
[11:07:47 AM] KingKenny: So you would know
[11:07:53 AM] KingKenny: ^o)
[11:07:59 AM] -  Äpostolos: ugh fuck
[11:08:07 AM] -  Äpostolos: im going to visit them all
[11:08:21 AM] KingKenny: you already do
[11:08:28 AM] KingKenny: except nation
[11:08:46 AM] -  Äpostolos: no right now to find it
[11:09:26 AM] KingKenny: www.avpnation.com ?
[11:09:33 AM] KingKenny: you know this already
[11:09:39 AM] KingKenny: Why are you asking me?
[11:10:35 AM] -  Äpostolos: nothing is here
[11:11:59 AM] KingKenny: nation?
[11:12:02 AM] -  Äpostolos: ok he is a moderator in avp2files, was
              that hard at all to tell me
[11:12:59 AM] KingKenny: He's not
[11:13:22 AM] KingKenny: He never was a mod
[11:13:39 AM] -  Äpostolos: he is an admin
[11:14:07 AM] KingKenny: and???
[11:14:24 AM] -  Äpostolos: site administrator
[11:14:32 AM] KingKenny: point?
[11:14:52 AM] -  Äpostolos: umm i found out he is a site
[11:15:17 AM] KingKenny: so? Why are you telling me all this?
[11:15:31 AM] -  Äpostolos: I guess we trailed off
[11:16:23 AM] KingKenny: You have something against him or something?
[11:16:34 AM] KingKenny: besides that flame you had at avp2mods
[11:16:42 AM] KingKenny: he's a cool guy
[11:16:46 AM] -  Äpostolos: ya he is
[11:16:54 AM] -  Äpostolos: we got it taken care of
[11:17:04 AM] -  Äpostolos: we apologized, and ya
[11:17:56 AM] -  Äpostolos: he banned me from the site
[11:19:05 AM] KingKenny: I thought the other staff did
[11:19:35 AM] -  Äpostolos: what other staff
[11:19:43 AM] KingKenny: I remember you posted something about it in
              the forums
[11:19:51 AM] KingKenny: there is bluehair
[11:19:54 AM] KingKenny: and the other 2
[11:19:56 AM] -  Äpostolos: its only him and his vice admin
[11:20:04 AM] KingKenny: there was 4
[11:20:08 AM] -  Äpostolos: bluehair....lawl!
[11:20:13 AM] -  Äpostolos: look at the site
[11:20:22 AM] -  Äpostolos: its just hi,m
[11:20:27 AM] -  Äpostolos: and bluehair
[11:21:11 AM] KingKenny: and the network admins
[11:21:26 AM] KingKenny: who run all of FF
[11:21:44 AM] -  Äpostolos: ya
[11:22:39 AM] KingKenny: right whatever
[11:23:09 AM] -  Äpostolos: you like led zeppelin?
[11:23:22 AM] KingKenny: you asked me before
[11:23:39 AM] -  Äpostolos: no i didnt
[11:23:45 AM] KingKenny: uh yes you did
[11:23:49 AM] KingKenny: like 3 other times
[11:27:17 AM] -  Äpostolos: ok you like the beatles than
[11:27:29 AM] KingKenny: No
[11:27:30 AM] -  Äpostolos: then FUCK CANT SPEAK ENGLISH
[11:27:56 AM] -  Äpostolos: How come!
[11:28:04 AM] KingKenny: annoying music
[11:28:27 AM] -  Äpostolos: oh man, go back to the sixtys
[11:28:35 AM] -  Äpostolos: YOU LITTLE PUNK!
[11:28:53 AM] KingKenny: tree hugging hippie
[11:29:23 AM] -  Äpostolos: spray painting, pants to his ass, penis in
              some ho PUNK!
[11:29:42 AM] KingKenny: You have problems
[11:30:00 AM] -  Äpostolos: wow, cause you know im not joking or
[11:30:19 AM] KingKenny: Are you 12 years old?
[11:30:36 AM] -  Äpostolos: no are you
[11:30:58 AM] KingKenny: :|
[11:31:31 AM] -  Äpostolos: you know, i cant blame you, i have a high
              pitched voice
[11:31:54 AM] KingKenny: What does that have to do with typing?
[11:32:03 AM] KingKenny: You're not acually talking
[11:32:17 AM] KingKenny: actually*
[11:32:37 AM] -  Äpostolos: You called me 12, I have a high pitched
[11:32:44 AM] -  Äpostolos: hmmm
[11:33:14 AM] -  Äpostolos: Now 12 yearold can you tell what kind of
              pitch of voice they have?
[11:34:03 AM] KingKenny: I was referring to your maturity level, not
              the tone of your voice.
[11:35:05 AM] -  Äpostolos: Ok well if you didnt realize, I was
              joking, and that was when you put your "Do you have
              problems" message
[11:35:46 AM] KingKenny: If you say so
[11:35:55 AM] -  Äpostolos: what?
[11:36:09 AM] KingKenny: Precisely
[11:37:03 AM] -  Äpostolos: Well ok we were talking about the beatles,
              and than you call me 12, so now, do 12 yearold listen to
              the beatles
[11:37:24 AM] KingKenny: Duh, all the fainting pre-teen girls?
[11:37:33 AM] KingKenny: And you listen to them too?
[11:38:25 AM] -  Äpostolos: ya well those pre-teen girls were in the
              60's, today kids are more influenced by who killed who
              and who had sex with some useless women
[11:39:25 AM] KingKenny: Well if thats what you like, good for you
[11:39:48 AM] -  Äpostolos: Wait, you like rap!?
[11:40:12 AM] KingKenny: |-)
[11:40:32 AM] -  Äpostolos: do you?
[11:40:39 AM] KingKenny: yea
[11:40:45 AM] -  Äpostolos: HAHAHAHAHA!
[11:42:02 AM] -  Äpostolos: actually, the older versions of it, like
              the ones between the 60's and 80's were good, now it
              sucks more balls than it can handle
[11:42:30 AM] KingKenny: Rap didnt exist in the 60s or 70s
[11:42:37 AM] -  Äpostolos: yes it did!
[11:42:39 AM] -  Äpostolos: OMG
[11:43:10 AM] -  Äpostolos: it wasnt allowed on radio
[11:43:38 AM] -  Äpostolos: so it didnt gather fame until the 80's
[11:44:04 AM] KingKenny: yea ok
[11:44:16 AM] -  Äpostolos: IT DID!
[11:44:27 AM] KingKenny: sure
[11:45:00 AM] -  Äpostolos: Wow
[11:45:13 AM] -  Äpostolos: ok do you know BLACK POWER!
[11:45:37 AM] -  Äpostolos: a song made in the 60's
[11:45:41 AM] KingKenny: aww man, you're killing me here.
[11:45:54 AM] -  Äpostolos: do you or no
[11:45:58 AM] -  Äpostolos: not*
[11:46:27 AM] KingKenny: Please, I'm trying to preserve my brain
[11:46:44 AM] -  Äpostolos: Just answer the damn question
[11:47:30 AM] KingKenny: No thanks
[11:47:49 AM] -  Äpostolos: ok you dont than
[11:48:43 AM] KingKenny: Where do you live?
[11:48:56 AM] -  Äpostolos: Why does that damn matter!
[11:49:52 AM] KingKenny: I'm trying to get a sense of why you're
              acting so weird
[11:50:10 AM] -  Äpostolos: ok so it depends on the nation
[11:50:35 AM] -  Äpostolos: and you are calling me 12?
[11:51:39 AM] -  Äpostolos: well black power was a chant, that black
              people made in 1969
[11:52:09 AM] KingKenny: Do you actually live in the U.S.?
[11:52:18 AM] KingKenny: I think you just found a history book
[11:52:22 AM] KingKenny: and just opened it up
[11:54:36 AM] -  Äpostolos: it was the first of many poems made, after
              the incedent of martin luther king, and it was
              considered as a rap song, it was a beat made for the
              suffering black people went through, jimi hendrix than
              performed in the open fire between both the police and
              black people. Now black power was a song that slowly
              evolved, and after the incedant of martin luther king
              they wouldnt allow it on the radio.
[11:54:45 AM] KingKenny: omg stop man
[11:54:48 AM] KingKenny: for the love of god
[11:54:49 AM] KingKenny: stop
[11:55:06 AM] -  Äpostolos: Well, you might as well read it
[11:55:29 AM] KingKenny: Look, thats old news
[11:55:30 AM] -  Äpostolos: cause it explains how the crap you listen
              to has nothing to do with its genre
[11:55:35 AM] KingKenny: I know this stuff already
[11:55:45 AM] KingKenny: I dont need history lessons
[11:56:06 AM] -  Äpostolos: you learn this shit in grade 10 or 11
[11:56:15 AM] -  Äpostolos: I cant remember
[11:56:32 AM] KingKenny: enough
[11:56:50 AM] -  Äpostolos: but ya, if you were actually paying
              attention to something intresting more than a damn mark
              you would understand
[11:57:14 AM] KingKenny: You're dumb as hell
[11:57:21 AM] KingKenny: Enough man
[11:57:31 AM] -  Äpostolos: Im the one educating you
[11:57:43 AM] KingKenny: you're retarded
[11:57:53 AM] -  Äpostolos: ya ok
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| Session Start: Sunday, April 09, 2006                              |
| Participants:                                                      |
|    KingKenny (email address omitted)                             |
|    -  Äpostolos - (email address omitted)                           |
[11:59:56 AM] -  Äpostolos: wow
[12:02:42 PM] -  Äpostolos: Well, since you listen to C-rap, and barly
              give a shit to know how and why it was made, than you my
              friend are a dumbass
[12:02:56 PM] KingKenny: Fuck Off
[12:02:56 PM] -  Äpostolos: and now i have to go
[12:03:01 PM] * -  Äpostolos - is now Offline
[12:03:03 PM] * -  Äpostolos - is now Online
[12:03:04 PM] * -  Äpostolos - is now Offline 

In the above conversation Apostolos throws gay slurs towards Acidglow, admits that he ripped Acidglow's files to submit them as his own towards AvP2files, practically begs me to give him information on x-M-x, admits he visits all the AvP2 websites and acts extremely annoying. I got tired of listening to him and invited numerous MSN Messenger bots into the conversation so that they would derail it. I probably should of blocked him here, but I let it slide for the time being. For the record, Heavy Metal is my favorite type of music.

In the next conversation he admits that he downloaded and tried my Star Wars Mod v1.0 that I released back in 2006.

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| Session Start: Saturday, April 29, 2006                            |
| Participants:                                                      |
|    KingKenny (email address omitted)                             |
|    -  Äpostolos - (email address omitted)                           |
[03:00:21 PM] -  Äpostolos: wicked mod kenny
[03:00:35 PM] KingKenny: thx
[03:01:03 PM] -  Äpostolos: something tells me its not finished yet
              though am I correct?
[03:01:14 PM] KingKenny: no it is finished
[03:01:29 PM] -  Äpostolos: you are not going to update it?
[03:02:10 PM] -  Äpostolos: cause didnt you mention you were going to
              make first person models?
[03:02:11 PM] KingKenny: read the readme?
[03:02:39 PM] -  Äpostolos: no I havnt....
[03:02:48 PM] KingKenny: well...
[03:03:24 PM] -  Äpostolos: non-the less its wicked mod, some grapics
              may be to high for some people's graphics cards
[03:03:43 PM] -  Äpostolos: but, still best I have played
[03:05:50 PM] -  Äpostolos: new everything...lol
[03:07:11 PM] -  Äpostolos: you know you could have replaced the
              background with a deathstar model planet if you are
              worried about the egg
[03:07:22 PM] -  Äpostolos: the dropship i mean
[03:07:40 PM] KingKenny: replace dropship model with what?
[03:08:14 PM] -  Äpostolos: in the main menu, when the dropship comes,
              you can replace the background planet with death star if
              it annoys you
[03:09:16 PM] -  Äpostolos: if the droship annoys you that is
[03:09:38 PM] KingKenny: the background planet is already gone
[03:09:38 PM] -  Äpostolos: anyway screw talking about and lets
              fucking play it!
[03:09:39 PM] KingKenny: ??
[03:10:43 PM] -  Äpostolos: no see you say, you can not remove the
              dropship in the main menu, its always there, so instead
              of putting vader and luke, you can replace the desert
              planet on the original with deathstar
[03:11:21 PM] KingKenny: that makes no sense. The planet has nothing
              to do with the dropship.
[03:11:48 PM] -  Äpostolos: nevermind, who gives a shit about the
[03:12:10 PM] -  Äpostolos: YOUR AWESOME MOD, NOOO IT MAKES MY
              CRITISICM USELESS!
[03:13:50 PM] -  Äpostolos: anyway, want to play your mod?
[03:13:59 PM] KingKenny: now? no
[03:14:06 PM] -  Äpostolos: ok
[03:14:33 PM] -  Äpostolos: I havnt played it with anyone who wont let
              me kill them except HHO....
[03:15:41 PM] -  Äpostolos: They want to "explore"
[03:16:34 PM] KingKenny: lol yea
[03:16:56 PM] KingKenny: I dont show people anything when I play
              online unless there is under 4 people in the server
[03:18:55 PM] -  Äpostolos: Ok, when I download the mod I want to kill
              people while  going through the corridors of what I seen
              on the starwars movies. I dont want some retard on a
              seperate species follow me
[03:19:18 PM] -  Äpostolos: and some maps like these I played on jedi
[03:24:19 PM] -  Äpostolos: where is the server?
[03:24:34 PM] KingKenny: dunno, I'm not playing atm
[03:24:41 PM] -  Äpostolos: k
[03:27:09 PM] -  Äpostolos: oh, HHO hosts them?
[03:27:18 PM] KingKenny: he runs the server
[03:27:41 PM] -  Äpostolos: man I want to play the mod so badly
[03:27:49 PM] KingKenny: play singleplayer then
[03:27:58 PM] -  Äpostolos: ok

Moving on. For the next conversation, Apostolos contacts me on MSN Messenger with a new email address. This is omitted as our the others for his privacy. However, note how is username now says "Apostolos, (Paul)(W)". I don't know what the W is for, but this is where he starts using the new alias Paul.

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| Session Start: Thursday, August 16, 2007                           |
| Participants:                                                      |
|    KingKenny (email address omitted)                             |
|    Apostolos, (Paul)(W) (email address omitted)                 |
[8:52:29 PM] Apostolos, (: hey kenny
[8:56:23 PM] KingKenny has changed his/her status to Idle
[8:57:42 PM] KingKenny has changed his/her status to Online
[8:57:45 PM] KingKenny: hey
[8:57:50 PM] KingKenny: whats up?
[8:58:26 PM] Apostolos, (: oh nothing much, I haven't talked to you fo
             r awhile now, but uhh, whats up with you?
[8:58:49 PM] KingKenny: been hard at work with making new weapon model
             s for avp2
[8:59:04 PM] KingKenny: made 22 so far
[8:59:14 PM] KingKenny: well a few more than that
[8:59:50 PM] Apostolos, (: Oh, wow, thats a lot
[9:00:21 PM] Apostolos, (: Last I heard about that, people weren't abl
             e to enable them for first person
[9:00:30 PM] KingKenny: yea, well I can
[9:00:35 PM] KingKenny: but then it wont be client side
[9:00:48 PM] KingKenny: so I'm sticking with 3rd person models
[9:00:59 PM] KingKenny: and I'll rig up some new sounds too
[9:01:12 PM] KingKenny: most are knife replacements
[9:02:07 PM] Apostolos, (: Is it for the swmod?
[9:03:04 PM] KingKenny: no
[9:03:09 PM] KingKenny: I finished the sw mod
[9:03:20 PM] KingKenny: I still havent finished the worldtexture pack
[9:03:31 PM] KingKenny: thats on hold because I dont feel like working
             on it atm
[9:04:27 PM] Apostolos, (: I see
[9:04:37 PM] Apostolos, (: Well I've been working on some skins aswell
[9:04:37 PM] Apostolos, (: but they suck lol
[9:05:08 PM] Apostolos, (: I have a site for them
[9:05:18 PM] Apostolos, (: if you want to see them
[9:05:37 PM] KingKenny: k
[9:06:02 PM] Apostolos, (: www.skinfactory.co.nr
[9:07:51 PM] Apostolos, (: You could tell me they suck lol
[9:08:13 PM] KingKenny: which are new?
[9:08:39 PM] Apostolos, (: Umm the full armored pred
[9:08:47 PM] Apostolos, (: I did a sloppy job on that though
[9:08:52 PM] KingKenny: now its not loading for me
[9:08:53 PM] KingKenny: ugh
[9:09:09 PM] Apostolos, (: the site?
[9:09:19 PM] KingKenny: yea
[9:09:42 PM] Apostolos, (: www.freewebs.com/apostolosskinfactory
[9:09:43 PM] KingKenny: wait
[9:09:47 PM] KingKenny: now it works
[9:09:52 PM] Apostolos, (: oh ok
[9:09:52 PM] Apostolos, (: sorr
[9:09:52 PM] Apostolos, (: sorry
[9:10:18 PM] KingKenny: not your fault
[9:10:25 PM] KingKenny: I'm downloading other stuff
[9:10:26 PM] KingKenny: lol
[9:10:32 PM] Apostolos, (: lol
[9:10:53 PM] Apostolos, (: Well then Im sorry for taking up your bandw
[9:11:05 PM] KingKenny: I cant believe you released the medic skin
[9:11:11 PM] KingKenny: its so easy to spot
[9:11:13 PM] KingKenny: lol
[9:11:58 PM] KingKenny: best one is probably the full armored pred
[9:12:09 PM] KingKenny: to me that is
[9:12:24 PM] Apostolos, (: lol, I know
[9:12:45 PM] Apostolos, (: I used that one for me personally
[9:12:55 PM] Apostolos, (: And I can't remember why I released it
[9:13:55 PM] Apostolos, (: I just released that predator today
[9:14:21 PM] KingKenny: I released pretty much everything I've made
[9:14:42 PM] KingKenny: except for my first skin, which was just an or
             ange torso on harrison
[9:14:54 PM] KingKenny: and things that didnt look good got canned
[9:16:00 PM] Apostolos, (: lol, I have a few things that I've canned a
[9:16:31 PM] Apostolos, (: I try to cannon something from the extincti
             on game, but they don't come out as I want them to... :@
[9:16:31 PM] Apostolos, (: somethings*
[9:17:07 PM] KingKenny: finally. I just finished all the knife replace
[9:17:17 PM] KingKenny: now I need to test them and work on sounds
[9:20:30 PM] Apostolos, (: ok 

There are a few random conversations where Apostolos asks me about the AVP movie and other generic stuff. In the following conversation, Apostolos continues with his obsession with x-M-x.

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| Session Start: Thursday, August 30, 2007                           |
| Participants:                                                      |
|    KingKenny (email address omitted)                             |
|    Apostolos, (Paul)(W) (email address omitted)                 |
[12:28:20 AM] Apostolos, (: Whats your opinion of mandalore
[12:28:31 AM] KingKenny: why?
[12:28:37 AM] KingKenny: he did something?
[12:28:52 AM] Apostolos, (: I went on gaming forums
[12:28:52 AM] Apostolos, (: Checked out some of my pm's
[12:29:13 AM] Apostolos, (: He's a total asshole, and takes me for an
[12:29:23 AM] Apostolos, (: He banned me from avp2files
[12:29:23 AM] Apostolos, (: again
[12:29:32 AM] Apostolos, (: Host and everything
[12:29:34 AM] KingKenny: hmm dont know
[12:29:35 AM] Apostolos, (: I refreshed my ip though
[12:29:45 AM] Apostolos, (: and my host
[12:30:04 AM] KingKenny: he's overreacting
[12:30:14 AM] Apostolos, (: Im now George Floyd from washington DC 8-)
[12:30:24 AM] Apostolos, (: Why is that?
[12:31:25 AM] Apostolos, (: I bet it was that stupid flamewar we had l
              ong time ago
[12:31:35 AM] Apostolos, (: I wasn't even serious back then and he too
              k great offence to it
[12:31:54 AM] KingKenny: lol I remember that
[12:32:10 AM] Apostolos, (: Honest to god, who could be offended when
              they're called optimus faggot or bow hard asshole
[12:32:20 AM] Apostolos, (: blow*
[12:32:43 AM] KingKenny: um someone sensitive
[12:33:09 AM] Apostolos, (: He's not sensitive though
[12:33:17 AM] KingKenny: yea well
[12:33:19 AM] KingKenny: I dont know
[12:33:48 AM] Apostolos, (: He laughed at it and insulted me back with
              an insult... Slightly more insulting than that
[12:33:59 AM] Apostolos, (: Slightly...
[12:34:09 AM] KingKenny: yea
[12:34:13 AM] KingKenny: hey I gtg
[12:34:19 AM] KingKenny: actually going to bed now
[12:34:22 AM] KingKenny: tired
[12:34:30 AM] KingKenny: later
[12:34:41 AM] Apostolos, (: lol not running away from the conversation
              this time
[12:34:41 AM] Apostolos, (: Goodnight
[12:35:14 AM] KingKenny: tomorrow then
[12:35:16 AM] KingKenny: night
[12:35:21 AM] Apostolos, (: night 

Continued on the next post...
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Re: GlobalAvP's Propane Predator = Apostolos = Darkstar = Apollo = Snipes = Spoonman101 = Paul = Koodles
Reply #2 - Aug 23rd, 2020 at 5:51am
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| Session Start: Thursday, August 30, 2007                           |
| Participants:                                                      |
|    KingKenny (email address omitted)                             |
|    Apostolos, (Paul)(W) (email address omitted)                 |
[7:22:39 PM] Apostolos, (: I caught him
[7:22:47 PM] KingKenny: who?
[7:22:49 PM] Apostolos, (: nevermind
[7:22:56 PM] Apostolos, (: You won't care lol
[7:23:09 PM] KingKenny: I wont?
[7:23:18 PM] Apostolos, (: I meant I'm on to what mandalore is doing
[7:23:29 PM] KingKenny: oh lol, this again
[7:23:32 PM] KingKenny: what is he doing>
[7:23:35 PM] Apostolos, (: lol
[7:23:46 PM] Apostolos, (: He banned me for his own personnal reasons
[7:24:07 PM] Apostolos, (: He told me the filefront staff did, well I
             sent an email to them, and they don't even know who I am
[7:24:30 PM] KingKenny: I dont know
[7:24:46 PM] KingKenny: there is a lot of staff
[7:24:56 PM] KingKenny: a different admin for each subdomain
[7:25:05 PM] KingKenny: and then the main guys run filefront.com
[7:25:09 PM] Apostolos, (: No he meant the whole domain
[7:25:16 PM] Apostolos, (: The main guys
[7:25:22 PM] KingKenny: oh
[7:25:54 PM] Apostolos, (: And besides that, I'm only banned at avp2fi
             les, I can got to any other subdomain just fine
[7:26:03 PM] Apostolos, (: go*
[7:26:11 PM] KingKenny: yea then they didnt ban you
[7:26:28 PM] Apostolos, (: No they didn't although thats what mandalor
             e wanted me to believe
[7:26:37 PM] Apostolos, (: He is the only one that runs that site
[7:26:49 PM] Apostolos, (: That subdomain
[7:27:00 PM] KingKenny: and some other dude I think
[7:27:04 PM] KingKenny: philer
[7:27:06 PM] KingKenny: something
[7:27:09 PM] Apostolos, (: Bluehair or something
[7:27:11 PM] KingKenny: pro-filer
[7:27:15 PM] KingKenny: bluehair
[7:27:16 PM] KingKenny: yea
[7:27:20 PM] Apostolos, (: lol
[7:27:38 PM] Apostolos, (: He's just a file manager
[7:28:16 PM] KingKenny: well I dont know. I dont have access to the ad
             min controls there
[7:28:24 PM] Apostolos, (: I know you don't
[7:28:38 PM] Apostolos, (: I just needed someone to talk too...
[7:28:44 PM] Apostolos, (: to*
[7:28:45 PM] KingKenny: oh
[7:29:06 PM] KingKenny: I'm pretty sure he wants you off of avp2files
             for good
[7:29:13 PM] KingKenny: since that flame
[7:29:14 PM] KingKenny: on avp2mods
[7:29:15 PM] KingKenny: lol
[7:29:43 PM] Apostolos, (: lol!
[7:30:16 PM] Apostolos, (: dude, I was drunk 34% of that time and 66%
             I was just trying to provoke him since I thought he was a
              12 yearold kid
[7:30:56 PM] KingKenny: I dont know man. I remember a friend of yours
             came in to back you up. Also another person from a differ
             ent clan came in posting bs.
[7:30:58 PM] KingKenny: and giant images
[7:31:34 PM] Apostolos, (: That wasn't a friend
[7:31:44 PM] Apostolos, (: That was just me forgetting to sign in lol
[7:31:59 PM] KingKenny: no it was a different username
[7:32:32 PM] Apostolos, (: I'm pretty sure I had nothing to do with hi
             m though
[7:32:53 PM] Apostolos, (: and I have no clue about anyone from a diff
             erent clan
[7:33:11 PM] KingKenny: yea well I'd show you but that thread is gone
[7:33:21 PM] KingKenny: I used to read it for laughs
[7:33:26 PM] Apostolos, (: lol!
[7:33:38 PM] Apostolos, (: yeah it was kind of funny
[7:34:09 PM] KingKenny: so you want me to ask mandalore or something>
[7:34:24 PM] Apostolos, (: In fact I remember the admins not even stop
             ping it just so that they could laugh
[7:35:01 PM] Apostolos, (: It covered 3 pages
[7:35:38 PM] KingKenny: lol yea
[7:35:44 PM] Apostolos, (: But I wasn't serious
[7:36:20 PM] Apostolos, (: I remember just signing in there and someon
             e posted crap about the "BBY MOD HACK"
[7:36:34 PM] Apostolos, (: And I replied with what the fuck are you ta
             lking about
[7:36:42 PM] Apostolos, (: than mandalore attacked me
[7:36:47 PM] Apostolos, (: then*
[7:36:53 PM] Apostolos, (: Then I attacked back
[7:37:16 PM] Apostolos, (: That was posted by an enemy clan trying to
             set a bad name
[7:37:25 PM] Apostolos, (: I just aggreed to it lol
[7:37:47 PM] Apostolos, (: because I felt like Darth Sidious and the d
             eath star
[7:38:41 PM] KingKenny: lol
[7:40:13 PM] Apostolos, (: He even knew it didn't exsist, and he banne
             d me from avp2files for "hacking"
[7:40:30 PM] Apostolos, (: Its just that stupid flamewar that ticked h
             im off
[7:40:58 PM] Apostolos, (: I can change my ip address to visit the sit
             e, but I really want to send skins there instead
[7:41:40 PM] Apostolos, (: Which I can't, he isn't even allowed to do
             that, its not his site, its filefront, and he even has ru
             les to follow in order to keep his admin
[7:42:03 PM] Apostolos, (: And I'm pretty sure there's one about him b
[7:42:17 PM] KingKenny: yea
[7:42:26 PM] KingKenny: well I dont know what to say
[7:42:54 PM] Apostolos, (: You've done more than you can do, and that'
             s listening thanks
[7:43:08 PM] KingKenny: no problem
[7:43:35 PM] Apostolos, (: Alright, I'm going out to by something
[7:43:38 PM] Apostolos, (: I'll see you around
[7:43:47 PM] KingKenny: cya 

Apostolos' obsession with x-M-x continues in the above conversation. He discovered that x-M-x had him banned from AvP2Files, he thinks that x-M-x doesn't have the right or authority to do so (even though Apostolos violated the submission guidelines in submitting plagiarized work), brings up some sort of hack mod he may have had (I think he probably did since he admitted he hacked in the Filefront forums above) and acknowledges that he drinks alcohol. The alcohol reference is important because this once again establishes that he is an adult.

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[11:30:42 PM] Apostolos, (: Nobody plays for fun though
[11:31:08 PM] Apostolos, (: It's always , "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT" or
              "Spammer spammer SPAMMER!"
[11:32:08 PM] Apostolos, (: I really hate the SG2 servers for that rea
[11:32:45 PM] KingKenny: I only join servers running custom stuff
[11:32:54 PM] Apostolos, (: yeah, so do I
[11:33:14 PM] Apostolos, (: I hate clans in avp2 in general
[11:33:24 PM] Apostolos, (: It's always climax and drama with them
[11:33:33 PM] KingKenny: yep
[11:33:33 PM] Apostolos, (: "This clan did this, we're at war!"
[11:33:41 PM] KingKenny: lol BBY
[11:33:58 PM] Apostolos, (: I tried to make it stay away from climax a
              nd drama
[11:34:28 PM] Apostolos, (: I had 5 good internet friends and the whol
              e point of it was to have fun
[11:34:51 PM] Apostolos, (: then more and more people join and more mo
              re climax happened
[11:34:55 PM] Apostolos, (: Thats why I ended it
[11:35:47 PM] Apostolos, (: I didn't want to be that stupid comformist
              kind of clan, so I just kept contact with some goodfriend
              s from it and we just started playing, no tags
[11:36:07 PM] Apostolos, (: good friends*
[11:36:56 PM] Apostolos, (: I didn't declare war or allies
[11:37:01 PM] Apostolos, (: Actually come to think of it
[11:37:25 PM] KingKenny: yea
[11:37:55 PM] Apostolos, (: I thought that whole concept was stupid, t
              here were clans that declared war with us, I just called
               them idiots and blocked their xfire and banned them fro
              m our site
[11:38:04 PM] Apostolos, (: That just pissed them off even more
[11:38:31 PM] Apostolos, (: But they were dumb 12 yearolds anyway so t
              hey couldn't do anything about it
[11:38:41 PM] Apostolos, (: lol
[11:40:41 PM] KingKenny: yep clans suck
[11:40:56 PM] Apostolos, (: Yeah
[11:41:08 PM] Apostolos, (: They are normally runned by kids
[11:43:29 PM] Apostolos, (: I hate joining a server and then these peo
              ple say, "Hey you want to join my clan?" and when no one
               responds they start spamming it, and someone says no on
              e wants to join your crappy clan (usually me) and they w
              ould start saying, "No one wants to join your crappy cla
              n" and I would say I don't have one and they would say "
              ....Faggot" and then they would leave 

The above conversation is an excerpt from a larger conversation in August of 2007 about AvP2 maps, mods, etc. It's mostly generic talk, but here Apostolos admits that he ended his BBY clan and banned players from his site. This is interesting of note because according to him x-M-x isn't allowed to ban him from any sites that x-M-x runs, but Apostolos can ban users from what he runs. Quite the hypocrite huh? This will mostly be the last mention of the clan BBY until 2019. More on that later.

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| Session Start: Sunday, November 02, 2008                           |
| Participants:                                                      |
|    KingKenny (email address omitted)                             |
|    '.' (email address omitted)                                  |
[9:01:22 PM] '.': whats the news on avp2 dying?
[9:01:27 PM] '.': or master server going down
[9:01:49 PM] KingKenny: sierra has off on weekends
[9:02:20 PM] '.': So master server is gone on weekends?
[9:02:56 PM] KingKenny: no
[9:03:04 PM] KingKenny: employees dont work on weekends
[9:03:08 PM] KingKenny: so server is still up
[9:03:24 PM] '.': ohhh alright
[9:03:41 PM] '.': So that means they'll probably turn it off come
             monday right?
[9:03:45 PM] KingKenny: yes
[9:03:57 PM] '.': wow
[9:04:10 PM] '.': I guess its probably over now
[9:04:25 PM] '.': I mean you can probably join through IP
[9:04:31 PM] '.': but
[9:04:41 PM] '.': I doubt a lot of people would go through that
[9:04:50 PM] '.': The game had its run
[9:04:55 PM] KingKenny: look for a server patch in the near future
[9:05:00 PM] KingKenny: its not finished
[9:05:04 PM] KingKenny: but keep an eye out
[9:05:14 PM] '.': What does it do
[9:05:28 PM] KingKenny: moving master server
[9:05:34 PM] KingKenny: to be run by modders
[9:07:47 PM] '.': You should fix it up a bit to see if you can ban
[9:07:56 PM] KingKenny: rommie does that
[9:07:57 PM] KingKenny: not me
[9:08:09 PM] '.': Alright
[9:08:35 PM] '.': Well, best of luck to them

The above conversation is the last conversation I had with Apostolos via MSN Messenger. He had changed his username to '.' for whatever reason. Here he is concerned that the official master server by Sierra was announced to be going offline. This is another interesting note in that he previously stated that he wanted to see the game slowly die and crush it on the FileFront forums. But here he is worried that the multiplayer service is going offline forever. Around this time LithFAQ emerged (run by The One) and shortly after the Savior Mod was released (by The One and Herr Alien) once again allowing players to play multiplayer online.

My recollection of Apostolos from 2008-2015 is a bit hazy. He posted on whatever AvP2 forums were still around such as LithFAQ, PlanetAvP, etc. Almost none of those posts are archived. He did post on AvPGalaxy, but with other usernames. Essentially it's as if Apostolos disappeared during this time frame. I do have two posts from him at this time.

Apostolos resurfaced in 2014 by joining the AvPUnknown forum. His user id was Spoonman. His profile is here https://www.avpunknown.com/cgi-bin/YaBB.pl?action=viewprofile;username=02213E3E3...

Screenshot of the profile:

He also posted on AvPGalaxy's forum with the name Spoonman101. His forum profile is here: https://www.avpgalaxy.net/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=6242

This account was made in 2009, shortly after I lost contact with him on MSN Messenger.

Screenshot of profile:

Of course he got this account banned as well.

As Spoonman101, Apostolos sent a private message to x-M-x that x-M-x has allowed me to share here.

Now his story changes and he says he is a fan of x-M-x. For the record, he was Apostolos, then Paul and now Spoonman/Spoonman101.

In late 2016 I was browsing AvPGalaxy and came across a user by the name of Darkstar aka System Apollo aka Apollo. His AvPGalaxy profile is listed here: https://www.avpgalaxy.net/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=22544

Screenshot of his profile:

Yes, he is banned from AvPGalaxy. More on that later.

If you search his posts, you would see that he was a super fan of AvP, Alien and Predator franchises. His posts come off as very nice and sincere.

At some point, in maybe late 2016 or early 2017 (approximately) Darkstar started talking about making a new website much like the old PlanetAvP site even down to the site layout and look. I saw that he was committed to it and that he started the site known as GlobalAvP. I suggested he make his own site design, look and layout to be original and start his own thing. He took my suggestion and agreed with it. This thread was deleted by AvPGalaxy admin Hicks as I can't find it.

The closest screenshot I can provide that Darkstar/Apollo was starting up GlobalAvP is this:

What is interesting of note, is that Darkstar claimed at the time that he didn't play AvP2 for more than half a decade.


This would correspond with the same timing as when Apostolos stopped appearing in AvP2 circles. I'm just raising that thought for now. There is no connection between the two at this point.

Eventually Darkstar reached out to me and added me on Steam. This part of the story is not as well documented as I never saved Steam chat logs (it wasn't a feature like MSN Messenger). We talked about GlobalAvP and AvP2 every now and then. He was a super nice guy and seemed very enthusiastic to build GlobalAvP. Darkstar eventually launched a forum for GlobalAvP. He got some users from AvPGalaxy such as the admin Hicks, x-M-x, Olde, Windebieste and myself to join it. The forum was not that active. I'm going off memory, but the number of members seemed to be in the 10-25 range for a while. At its peak it was around 100 members. Darkstar wanted to get more forum members so he put on a contest for the first member to make a certain amount of posts on the GlobalAvP forum would win a small cash prize. He promoted this on AvPGalaxy and got maybe 1-2 really active posters who spammed whatever on his forum to eventually get the reward.

Darkstar wasn't happy with the low member count and forum activity and he asked me to bump his GlobalAvP thread on AvPGalaxy to help promote the site. He didn't want to bump the thread too much himself as it would seem like spam. I did as he asked once. I began to notice some random new members posting on the GlobalAvP thread with low post counts. At the time I questioned Darkstar who they were and he told me he made those accounts to bump his GlobalAvP thread. He also admitted to me that he made a few random accounts on his GlobalAvP forum and posted with them to make the forum look active so other people would join it.

I visited GlobalAvP regularly as I did AvPGalaxy and other AvP2 websites. However, with GlobalAvP it wasn't that active and I didn't post much because of it. This didn't bother me as I thought it was good to have another website that covers AvP2 and promotes it, in addition to other AvP, Alien and Predator content. Afterall, I was and still am a fan of this stuff.

One day I decided to check out the GlobalAvP forum as I usually did and I noticed that I was listed as a moderator on the forum. This was also the case for Olde and x-M-x. I thought this was weird and I messaged Darkstar on Steam about it. He said something along the lines of "oh I thought you would make a good forum mod". I'm paraphrasing because I don't remember the exact wording. I said something along the lines "oh, ok cool" and that was that. This has happened to me once before on the old Alien Experience website (that site had a really cool design by the way; it is now defunct) so I thought nothing of it really. Typically this happens when you gain a reputation in certain circles, people will want to get your help with whatever they're working on. I figured ok. If I see someone spamming or posting something obscene, etc, then I thought I would remove it off the GlobalAvP forum just as an extra set of eyes. But that was about the extent of it. It was a pretty inactive forum, so not much moderation was needed. In fact, I never did any moderation there because it was so inactive.

This is where things get interesting. First of all I will cite the following article written by Olde:


I will confirm the validity of every word of his article in terms of the timeline of events. It was written closer to the time of the event, so it would be more accurate than my recollection of it now in 2020. So any date mixups I've made previously, please cite Olde's article as taking precedent over mine.

To sum it up, Olde, x-M-x, myself and other AvP2 players started using the web app/application called Discord. Olde, x-M-x and I joined a now defunct AvP Discord server ran by "RaZorbakk36" and a few others. In it, Darkstar publicly posted a private email he had received from Propane Predator. The email basically bashed Olde, x-M-x and I for being useless and not contributing to GlobalAvP as staff members. In my case, this is false and true at the same time because yes I never did any moderating (the forum was very inactive) and I never submitting anything to GlobalAvP. However, at the same time, much of the content on GlobalAvP is AvPUnknown content by Olde, x-M-x and I that was just taken and published on their website. I never objected to it at the time, but it's quite hypocritical to take most of your AvP2 content from AvPUnknown, post it on GlobalAvP's website, then say AvPUnknown staff don't contribute to GlobalAvP. For the record, Olde did contribute original articles to GlobalAvP.

Evidence of GlobalAvP using AvPUnknown content or articles submitted by Olde (note these pictures are taken in 2020 and are still being used today):

Back to the private email that Darkstar received from Propane Predator. Apparently Propane Predator let the cat out of the bag that he is Apostolos as previously described. Olde accused him of wanting to get revenge on x-M-x for the AvP2Files ban by kicking out AvPUnknown people from GlobalAvP. I concur with this statement. Regardless, a big argument broke out where my name was thrown under the bus numerous times by Darkstar and Propane Predator even though I wasn't even actively speaking in the conversation. Once I caught wind of it I told them off that it wasn't my "job" to make content for GlobalAvP. I never asked for the job, was never paid or compensated for the job, nor did I ever state I would create content for GlobalAvP. I essentially told them off. The moderator of that Discord server named "RaZorbakk36" deleted some 1,600+ posts including my posts defending myself. I told the staff of that Discord server off by calling them a bunch of communists for censorship (they didn't delete posts where my name and integrity was trashed, but once I defended myself my posts get deleted) and I left the server. Many others did as well. Again Olde's article on this event goes into more detail and should be read.

Again it is here:


Shortly after his incident Darkstar apologized to me on Steam and told me that he lived with Propane Predator. Something along the lines of them both living in a dorm room and going to college together. I didn't really care for the details, but I was willing to put all the drama from the Discord server aside.

Some arguments continued to break out on GlobalAvP's forum over what happened in the Discord server and Darkstar saw it. Darkstar then issued an apology to me in an email. Since he posted a private email before about me, I can do the same with him.

Reading back those emails, Darkstar comes off as a super nice guy even after everything that happened. I thought, wow that was good to end that peacefully. There is a JP mention there. For those who know the history, yeah.... Anyways.

One interesting note in his last email. Darkstar states that Apostolos, who is now using the alias Propane Predator, was 12 years old when x-M-x banned him from AvP2Files. In the conversations above that I had with Apostolos, Apostolos stated that he consumed alcohol, broke up with a girlfriend and had a car.

Either Apostolos was excessively lying to me about those things (which I doubt  based on the context of how it was stated) or Darkstar is trying to paint a picture of Apostolos as being innocent of everything he did back in 2004-2008. SOMEONE IS LYING HERE.

x-M-x had started the first AvP2 Discord server ever on April 10, 2017, which was prior to his whole Propane Predator and Darkstar fiasco on some random AvP Discord. After the whole incident mentioned in the email above, both Darkstar and Propane Predator would join and leave the AvP2 Discord multiple times, sometimes even within minutes they would join and leave. At the same time, they were talking to Rommie (the creator of the the server mod called Rommie's mod and at the time, the person hosting the master server for AvP2 multiplayer).

They bashed AvP2 Discord, x-M-x, AvPUnknown, Olde, myself and many other players on another Discord server owned by Lucifer. This was a Garry's Mod/Half Life 2 server turned AvP2 server for Rommie's AvP2.us domain. Lucifer made Rommie an administrator on it. Many of these posts are long gone as the server was deleted by the player known as "Lucifer" after Rommie quit AvP2 for the 5th time.

At the time, Darkstar and Propane Predator were continuously spotted joining and leaving AvP2 Discord, only to then bash it again in the AvP2.us Discord.

Therefore, the staff of the AvP2 Discord banned both Darkstar, Propane Predator and any of their alternative accounts from coming back as they were stirring up trouble.

In the above picture Darkstar admits he was banned from AvP2 Discord and claims he has no problems with x-M-x.

Over time the AvP2.us group became very anti-AvP2 Discord and banned numerous players from even playing AvP2 on any server. AvPUnknown servers were also blocked from players seeing them on the server lists. This was admitted by both Lucifer and Rommie (I won't get into this more at is another story in itself). Both Darkstar and Propane Predator saw this and wanted to join forces and align themselves with Rommie and Lucifer. They even wanted them to contribute to GlobalAvP as staff. Rommie turned them down.

GlobalAvP started their own Discord server. Eventually Rommie quit AvP2 again and the AvP2.us server was deleted. There are a bunch of random incidents during this time and after that are hard to time stamp, but I do have numerous screenshots to showcase what happened. Propane Predator became the new admin of GlobalAvP while Darkstar claimed to still own the site but let Propane run it.

This was Propane's first post on GlobalAvP:

And this is the staff bio he wrote for himself (this has since been removed):

Note that he admits he's banned in a lot of places. That's not a great thing to put on your bio. It's one thing if it was for political censorship, but banned in AvP circles? Clearly something must be wrong with him for that.

Propane Predator aka Apostolos was still very upset with x-M-x and went around various AvP and AvP2 sites and servers talking bad about what he was doing. He still does this today. Anyways, x-M-x eventually launched his own AvP 2010 game Discord server and promoted it here: https://www.avpgalaxy.net/forum/index.php?topic=59487.msg2271383

Screenshot of the post:

Propane Predator aka Apostolos was upset with this and started complaining about it in the AvP 2010 Discord server run by Ulando. Evidence here:

Notice how Propane Predator gets mad when the other users don't go along with he wants.

At some point in 2018-2019, multiple AvP2 players found Propane Predator's public Facebook profile and posted a link to it online. Some of the images from his public profile appeared on the AvP2 Discord and I personally deleted every single one of them. Some were posted when I wasn't online to see them posted. When I found out about them, I went back deleting every single photo I could find. This has also happen to other AvP2 players. The AvP2 discord at the time had hundreds if not over 1,000 members. The staff in that Discord server are not responsible for the actions of every user, but they try to keep the AvP2 Discord server rules enforced as best as they can. Discord itself has its own terms of service. If a user was found to break one of those rules, including doxxing, their account would be terminated. Whether or not this was doxxing because the account was a public profile, idk. But I deleted it all off regardless. Many if not all the users who doxxed any AvP2 player had their accounts terminated by Discord. However, Propane Predator aka Apostolos would blame the AvP2 Discord and its staff as whole for being responsible for random users doxxing him.

What was interesting of note however, there were two photos Propane Predator aka Apostolos posted online. One was a drawing and the other was a toy. Both have the word "Apollo" listed on them. See below:

Note I have censored the face of the drawing and the toy's face because they are supposedly lookalikes to him just as a precaution to protect his identity. However, these photos beg the question. Why is Propane Predator aka Apostolos using the name Apollo on these pictures? Apollo is the name that Darkstar uses as evidenced above. It is because they are the same person. Darkstar and Apollo are new aliases just as Propane Predator is for Apostolos.

For the record, he was Apostolos, then Paul, then Spoonman/Spoonman101 and now also Darkstar and Apollo.

To be continued in the next post...
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Re: GlobalAvP's Propane Predator = Apostolos = Darkstar = Apollo = Snipes = Spoonman101 = Paul = Koodles
Reply #3 - Aug 23rd, 2020 at 8:40pm
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I must backtrack a bit in the timeline of events.

During 2018 a new user joined AvPGalaxy called "The Snipes". His profile is here: https://www.avpgalaxy.net/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=24832

Screenshot of his profile:

Note that he says that he comes from GlobalAvP. I stated previously that GlobalAvP had very little members at the time. Snipes also states that he "went by many different aliases on Global AVP and have decided to stick with this one" in regards to the name "The Snipes". Gee, I wonder who that could be? I hope the reader now sees a pattern by now.

In the above image Snipes tries to persuade Hicks to return to the GlobalAvP forum. This takes place a bit before Darkstar apologized to me and closed the GlobalAvP forum has stated in his email prior. I'm bringing this up to show what happens later on.

On a thread about the topic of AvP Discords, Snipes becomes hostile towards the AvP2 Discord that x-M-x started and links a Discord invite to the now defunct AvP2.us Discord server. This coincides with Darkstar and Propane Predator (same guy) trying to bash AvP2 Discord and side with AvP2.us Discord.

In the screenshot above, the AvPGalaxy admin Hicks tells Snipes to cool it off and Snipes becomes super hostile towards Hicks for not getting his way (reconfirming that this is Apostolos). Snipes suddenly states his hostility towards x-M-x (reconfirming that this is Apostolos), states that he joined with other aliases (reconfirming that this is Apostolos) and says he will bypass bans (reconfirming that this is Apostolos).

The outcome of his outburst?

In the screenshot below, Darkstar brings up the Snipes post in the now defunct AvP2.us Discord server.

Then there is Propane Predator bringing up Snipes here:

This further associates Darkstar/Apollo, who I also confirmed to be Apostolos/Paul/Propane Predator, who I also confirmed to be Spoonman/Spoonman101.

The man has so many names it's hard to keep track of them all. There are probably even more that I don't know. There are some that I'm pretty sure are him as well, but I don't have a screenshot to associate with him so I omit those for now.

Now I'll fast forward back to more recent history.

On November, 12, 2019 I joined an AvP2 server with a fake name to observe what was going on. I know the date because the screenshots are saved with the date on them. The players on the server were at least two instances of "{BBY}PropanePredator" (this is a cheat to have multiple player IDs on the server to hijack the in-game voting system in which the majority vote wins) and SEVO. One might say these players could be anyone because in AvP2, a player can take any name they want. But no one has used the clan tag of BBY since Apostolos shut down his Bad Blood Yautja clan as mentioned previously. This lets me know that this was in fact Apostolos. Here are the screenshots:

You can see that he switches back and forth between the Predator and inactive/not spawned {BBY}PropanePredator IDs to talk to himself and SEVO. He once again obsesses over x-M-x, Hicks and now even me. I did not talk or respond and just observed what he was saying. He believed that I was x-M-x even though I was running around as a Predator just playing AvP2. His paranoia is off the scale. At this point I believe he is mentally deranged.

Moving along...

An AvP2 player inside the GlobalAvP Discord server sent me a big chat log of the the server. with images intact. I read it and spotted numerous lies, slander and defamation against x-M-x, Olde, AvPUnknown, AvPGalaxy's Hicks, AvP2MSP's Smith, myself and others. I will post a bunch of screenshots from it to point this all out. It should be mentioned that at this point that Rommie folded and the AvP2 Master Server (MSP 2.4) was transferred by TBBC (one of the developers) to Smith. Smith ran avp2msp.com at the time and then Smith along with the MSP developers agreed to pass it on to x-M-x for hosting. This is where the AvP2 Master Server is currently hosted at the time of this writing.

The website for MSP 2.4 is here: https://avpunknown.com/avp2master/
The master server list is here: https://master.avpunknown.com/
The AvP2 game is here: https://avpunknown.com/avp2aio/

Now for the GlobalAvP Discord server posts.

In the three screenshots above, Propane Predator accuses the AvP2 Discord for doxxing him (blaming hundreds to a thousand plus members for 1-2 or players actions) and says it was done by skip tracing his IP address. His Facebook account was a public page that anyone could find. This is a lie that there was skip tracing with an IP address.. IP addresses on an AvP2 multiplayer server wouldn't even link to Facebook account page. This makes no sense.

Also note that both Darkstar and Propane Predator state that they went into the Monolith Discord server (the original developers of AvP2) to accuse those in the AvP2 Discord of doxxing. Even if this were to be true, this would not be relevant to Monolith as it is causing drama on their server. His reasons are to incite drama and persuade Monolith to disassociate themselves with the AvP2 Discord. His aims are to destroy anything associated with x-M-x, Hicks, AvPUnknown, AvPGalaxy, etc. Remember this is the guy that said he could destroy the AvP2 community if he wanted to in my first post of this thread.

Here are some of his posts from the Monolith Discord server:

COULD YOU BELIEVE THE NERVE OF HIM. He accuses me of doxxing him with no evidence, when it was I who personally deleted every photo of his that was posted in the AvP2 Discord. I went out of my way to protect his identity, even though his Facebook account was a public page visible to anyone on the web.

He also accuses LithFAQ's "The One" was threatening him with physical violence with no evidence.

I reported Propane Predator's posts to Discord for harassing me and was told the following:

Select All
meowmint (Discord)

Dec 16, 12:33 PST


Unfortunately, it looks like the messages have been deleted. Once a message or image is deleted, it is gone from our servers and we aren't able to verify it to take additional action.

If there are other message links related to this issue or if the concerning content is posted again, please forward the message links for us to investigate.

Please note that we are unable to use screenshots, bot logs, off-platform information, or attachments to verify content.

Discord Trust & Safety 

Fortunately for Propane/Apostolos, his messages were deleted by the Monolith staff.

Just two days later, Apostolos/Propane Predator sends an email to The One of Lithfaq. The One allowed me to share this email. Here is a screenshot of it (email address omitted):

All of his photos that were posted by deleted users were already deleted by me personally. He is just continuing his tirade. Notice how he states Darkstar and Propane Predator are two different people. He also stresses his concern over his GUID now, when previously he mentioned that it was his IP address.

However, in the next photo Darkstar is pushing the same story as Propane Predator and is saying that HIS personal details are now being threatened of being published. He also threatens AvPGalaxy legally over something that has nothing to do with them. This is very similar to his behavior as Snipes earlier:

And then here, Propane Predator admits to using the name of Darkstar:

Whether Darkstar/Apollo and Propane Predator/Apostolos/Spoonman/Spoonman101 (and lets not forget Snipes) are the same person or not at this point is irrelevant. I was personally told they live together, that they share the same computer at times, Propane admits to using Darkstar's/Apollo's name both online and in his photos and he has a bunch of other aliases he jumps between. If they are or aren't the same person, they are so linked together that if you deal with one you are involving the other and they trade accounts. They are virtually one and the same.

Then there are these messages to further add to the confusion:

Is he being sarcastic? Is he trying to throw people off because he's been had? At this point it doesn't matter because Propane Predator/Darkstar are attached at the hip.

This same month (December of 2019) Propane Predator appeared to have targeted Corporal Hicks, the administrator of AvPGalaxy. He was out to get everyone at this time. I've already illustrated his previous issues with Hicks on the AvPGalaxy forum and the Darkstar alias messaging him on Discord as well. This time it appeared that Propane decided to make a fake "Corporal Hicks" account with the same avatar and name as the real Corporal Hicks (AvPGalaxy admin).

See below that there are two Corporal Hicks accounts in GlobalAvP's Discord server:

The fake Hicks then joined the AvPGalaxy Discord and started messaging minors to attempt to pose as pedo and frame the real Corporal Hicks. I kid you not. The real Corporal Hicks eventually saw this and deleted off the messages, banned the fake Hicks and boosted the server security (rightfully so). Another user in that Discord server was able to screenshot the chat of the fake Hicks and reposted it here:

I can confirm that the above screenshot showed the "Fake Hicks". The real Corporal Hicks never messaged any minors. He was being framed.

Then in the AvP Discord server called "The AVP Clan Hive", Propane Predator posted the following:

In the GlobalAvP Discord server, Propane Predator posted the following as well:

Did you catch it? On the "The AVP Clan Hive" Discord server on December 20, 2019 he refers to a picture of Hicks being a pedo as "a fake picture going around framing Hicks as a pedophile". Then on the GlobalAvP Discord he refers to Corporal Hicks as a pedo on December 17,2019 (before calling the picture a fake). But then he also calls Hicks a pedo on February 07, 2020 and August 19, 2020 even though he knew it was a fake previously.

This leads me to believe that it was in fact Propane Predator aka Apostolos who made the fake Corporal Hicks account to attempt to frame the real Corporal Hicks. Of course this would do nothing on Discord as each Discord account has a unique ID tied to it and users could see that each account was different. Propane was the only person peddling this fake story to frame Hicks. Fake news.

If Apostolos will do this on a Discord server, who's to say that he doesn't do this on forums, AvP2 servers, etc? Add this to the list of reasons why he is banned everywhere.

Things went quiet for a while until I was notified about a rip mod that Apostolos aka Propane Predator was making.

Here is his original post about it in the GlobalAvP Discord:

There's a couple of things to say about his mod announcement. Compilation mods are ok to be published if the author of the compilation mod gets permission from the authors of other mods to include their works in the compilation mod. Some authors grant permission for their works to be used in other mods in their readme/credit text file such as Dex909 who created the "AvP2 2007 Complete texture overhaul" mod and some require strict permission for the files to be used such as myself.

What is interesting to note is that Propane (Apostolos) is working with Primeval (another person with many names and was originally known as Chappie - https://www.avpunknown.com/cgi-bin/YaBB.pl?action=viewprofile;username=775C55444... - more on him later) and Darkstar. Again, I've stated that Propane and Darkstar are likely the same person based on the previous content I pointed out. But why would Darkstar be helping Propane with the mod? Darkstar has made 0 skins, 0 mods, 0 maps, 0 anything when it comes to custom content for the AvP2 game. Propane is essentially working with himself and Chappie Primeval for this mod.

Propane states that his mod will "credit most of the popular artists". By stating that he is crediting artists, this shows his intention to eventually publish this compilation mod.

Then he states "this is what will be on the splash". The splash is launch screen the players sees when they boot up AvP2. Many mods have a custom splash screen. I asked the person who sent me this chat log to send me the splash.pcx file to view it. I opened it up and converted it to jpg to post it here.

This is his splash file:

As you can see it states Primal Projam and Projam on it. I read this as Propane Predator was intending to use Projam's content in his mod. He has told me in MSN Messenger chat logs that he loves Projam in the past and hated AJL mod.

I knew for a fact that Projam does not authorize other authors to take Projam content to be published in other mods. Projam has gone after other mod authors for doing so in the past. They even state others can't use their files in other mods on their ModDB profile and readme:


Screenshot of it:

Since others have ripped mods I made as well, I personally reached out to Projam and messaged them on ModDB informing them that Propane Predator was ripping their files for a "rip mod" (a compilation mod where files are taken from other authors without permission) and that he intended to publish it based on him crediting authors.

Projam thanked me for the heads up and one of their developers named Mr. Grizzly joined the GlobalAvP Discord server and instructed Propane to remove all Projam content from the mod.

As you can clearly see above, Propane agreed to remove the files. His obsession and paranoia with x-M-x continued as well. Then Propane lies and says no Projam content is in it, even though he put the Projam logos on his splash screen.

After realizing he was caught red handed, Propane then wanted to remove anonymous people in the GlobalAvP server so that he can hide what he was doing from others. See below:

Interestingly enough, Darkstar was also kicked out of the Monolith Discord for starting drama attacking the AvP2 Discord and Master Server Patch. Essentially spamming irrelevant content concerning Monolith who just wants a fun place for players to talk about their games and promote them.

Another instance of Propane trying to hide his rip mod from AvP2 Discord and AvPGalaxy:

Then Propane posts a screenshot below of Makuta from the AvP2 Discord. This is worth noting as Propane's accounts were banned from AvP2 Discord. Therefore, he is hiding there with a new alias, yet he doesn't want anyone from AvP2 Discord in GlobalAvP Discord. The AvP2 Discord has a PUBLIC invite link that anyone can join still to this day and it always has.

Darkstar above says the content made by M aka x-M-x isn't legitimate. x-M-x has released numerous skins for years. They are located here: https://avpunknown.com/xmxdownloads.htm

x-M-x also built this website, hosts my website, hosts Payback time, Ultimate Map Pack, AvP2 AIO, hosts the avp2 master server, hosts the master server patch download, hosts numerous AvP2 and AvP 2010 servers, etc, you get it. But Darkstar who never published any files for AvP2 and hosts AvPUnknown content on the GlobalAvP website, INCLUDING content made by x-M-x there, says that the content made by x-M-x "isn't legitimate".

At the time of this writing, GlobalAvP STILL links to AvPUnknown and myself. We DO NOT link to them and haven't for years due to their slander and defamation against us.

Screenshot proof:

Moving on...

In the above chat log screenshot, RaZorbakk36, the guy I called a commie years ago, reveals that the moderator status was just put on him. This is exactly what happened with Darkstar and the AvPUnknown staff back on the GlobalAvP forum was active. Thus, they didn't learn their lesson.

Propane mentions Koodles. More on him later.

Propane also states (with bad grammar) that he "posted to compile shit for a mod that wasn't going to be published". Oh! This is now a new story. Previously he stated that all the files he took from other authors for his mod would be "credited". Why would be credit authors for a mod he didn't publish? BECAUSE HE'S LYING once again.

Funny enough, RaZorbakk36 defends Projam.

It continues:

In the above screenshot, Propane Predator, the guy who I've identified NUMEROUS times is Apostolos and he admitted he is, states that he understands the rules behind ripping work and that he doesn't do it. This is a hilariously bad lie, when I posted chat logs above where he admitted to me that he ripped mods and submitted them to AvP2files and was banned for doing so.

FURTHERMORE, Primeval, formerly known as Chappie, YaujtaNation, etc, who is helping Propane with his mod originally joined the AvPUnknown forum posting skins that ripped from other authors and posted them as his own original works. He was caught and Darkstar called him out on it as evidenced here:

Screenshots of the posts:

WOW. So if Propane and Darkstar are the same guy, that's REALLY bad looking. Even if you think that they are two different people, why does Darkstar let Propane get away with ripping Projam and not call him out on it? Again if they are two different people, why does Darkstar, the owner of GlobalAvP, associate himself with Apostolos, the most well-known plagiarizing person in the AvP2 community to run his website? This would make his site the most shady, non-trustworthy website to anyone who has knowledge of Propane. AGAIN, Propane's own bio stated he was banned everywhere. Who puts that guy in charge of their site? The only way I can see it if they were the same person. But again, I'll let you the reader decide that for yourself.

Next, Propane continues his lie in the screenshot below. At the time he wrote this, GlobalAvP was a PUBLIC Discord server that anyone could join (except AvPUnknown staff of course).

And thus, GlobalAvP's Discord server was changed to a private, invite only server to hide his shady behavior.

Of course there is more to this story.

After Propane got caught making a rip mod, a new user had appeared that had never been heard of before in AvP2 circles. The player's name was "Koodles". Koodles began posting on every Alien, Predator and AvP Discord server that he/she could find.

Here are the known posts of Koodles.

Alien Isolation Community Discord server:

In the above 3 screenshots, Koodles talks about "skip tracing" much like Propane Predator and Darkstar (again same person most likely) and refers to the guy who runs AvPGalaxy as being a child predator, much like Propane predator previously referred to Corporal Hicks as a pedo.

Monkeyshotg's Discord server:

Koodles posted a screenshot that was deleted by Spyder. More on that deleted screenshot later. He is essentially referring to those in the AvP2 Discord server as "hackers who steal your information". Then Propane shows up and makes a joke about calling the cops on The One over physical threats. How is this funny?

Another AvP 2010 Discord server:

He calls AvP2 promoted by the developers of the game (duh) and AvPGalaxy. Then he posts a deleted photo by the server staff and says that these people "steal your info".

Koodles then says he believes that x-M-x "might be one of the admins". Notice Koodles is playing it off as being a bit dumb to who the admins are.

You also see a repeating story of other Discord servers staff members not caring as to what he is posting about because Koodles is looking to incite drama.

AvP Discord server:

In the screenshot above, Koodles posts his photo that was deleted in the others Discord servers. Note that I have extra blurred the faces in the photo because Koodles did a really poor job of doing it. Anyways, let's break down this photo.

Here is the photo in its original form minus my edit of extra blurring out (red boxes) the faces:

The title of this image was originally "psa-AVPunk(1).png". By the name of the photo itself, it is clear the Koodles is indicating that this is AvPUnknown's content that is collaged in the image. This is not the case. Let's break down what the images are in this collaged image.

The first image in the top left of the collaged image is a picture of a pulse rifle with the Aliens versus Predator 2 logo and the words OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVER. This is the logo of the AvP2 Discord server that Propane Predator (Apostolos) and Darkstar (Paul) or the same guy have such a problem with existing. The word official is crossed out with a giant red x (I did not add this X). This clearly demonstrates antagonism against the server itself.

The two photos below the AvP2 Discord logo are photos of two different people with text added. I do not know who originally posted the photo titled "I HAD A DREAM". The photo on the right of it with the satanic pentagram was taken from a Steam group at this link: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/luciferliar

This is Valve's Steam website. If a user were to scroll down to the bottom of the page, they would see who is the administrator of that Steam Group is a user named Hudson.

Hudson is NOT part of AvPUnknown, nor does he have any staff status on the AvP2 Discord.

The other two face photos are taken from a user named Marson. One of the photos appears to be Propane Predator's that I personally deleted off the AvP2 Discord. Marson is NOT part of AvPUnknown, nor does he have any staff status on the AvP2 Discord.

If any users randomly joins any Discord server and posts a picture of person, that user is liable for their own posts, NOT the Discord server that they are posting on. It is clearly stated on the Discord TOS that every person who has an account is liable for their own posts. It is stated here: https://discord.com/terms

If Koodles had a problem with a photo being posted online, then he should report the user who posted it to the server/website owner. Koodles' collaged photos don't exactly show where the photos were posted as well. However, he blames an entire Discord server for the actions of individuals not affiliated with the AvPUnknown or the AvP2 Discord staff.

Koodles also included some screengrabs of random text posts. The One says Propane reported him to the police. This is in reference to the email I previously posted and broke down. Then there is a conversation between Darine and Boss about a website. How is a website part of AvP2 Discord? A website is not on Discord's servers. Koodles notes that the images from this site were deleted. That's good then. Again, each user is responsible for their own posts.

Then there is a screengrab between Makuta and myself. This is taken from Monolith's Discord server on their AvP2 channel. I would screenshot that entire  conversation from that channel and paste it here, but Monolith as of the time of this writing has made their AvP2 channel on their Discord server hidden due to drama being incited by Propane Predator, Darkstar, a few spammers and Koodles.

Nevertheless, I can discuss what this conversation between Makuta and I is about.

To be continued in the next post...
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Re: GlobalAvP's Propane Predator = Apostolos = Darkstar = Apollo = Snipes = Spoonman101 = Paul = Koodles
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Propane, Darkstar and Koodles go around AvP circles claiming that users join the AvP2 Discord looking to play the game AvP2. AvPUnknown hosts the game and the multiplayer patch called "master server patch". If a user downloads this patch they can connect to the master server that AvPUnknown also hosts. The original master server that Sierra (original publishers of AvP2) hosted went down in 2008. The master server acts a portal/gateway of sorts where all individual multiplayer servers can connect to so that their servers appear in the multiplayer server browser within AvP2. This allows players to easily connect to a multiplayer server. Makes sense right?

Ok. So anytime a player connects to a multiplayer server, the owner of the multiplayer server sees the IP address and hardware GUID of the user joining via their server logs. Additionally, the player can also see the IP address of the multiplayer server that they are joining in the multiplayer server browser. This is not new. Back when Sierra hosted the original master server, players could see the IP address of multiplayer servers and the multiplayer server owners could see the IP address of players joining their server. Pretty much every multiplayer game that has players host their own multiplayer servers does this. In fact this is the same for all websites. When any person visits a website, the owner of the website can see the IP address of all IP addresses connecting to their website. This is how the internet works.

In Koodles' collaged image I stated that no one's IP address or GUID from an AvP2 player had been posted in the AvP2 Discord. If it does happen, it would be deleted regardless. On a side note, there is one person WHO DOES post the GUID of AvP2 players joining his server and it is the AvP2 player known as Rommie. See below:

The above screenshot is taken from Rommie's personal website as of 08/24/2020. I blurred out all the GUID ids because I would never post them online. Remember Propane Predator and Darkstar (again same person?) affiliated themselves with Rommie on the old AvP2.us Discord server. They have never criticized Rommie even once for posting the GUIDs of AvP2 players online. SEVO, Propane's friend (or other alias, who knows) that I have shown to play with Propane, has his GUID posted on Rommie's site as well. It's at the very top. Where is Propane complaining about this? This is further evidence that these guys don't really care about the IP address or GUID. Remember, Propane Predator (Apostolos) is on record stating that he uses proxies and can bypass any ban. Why would he care about an IP address? He is running a bogus story to smear the image of the AvP2 Discord, AvPUnknown website and even the AvPGalaxy website.

Back to Koodles and this image:

On the lower right of the collaged image is a conversation between Smith and Darkstar. I have that entire conversation and Smith has allowed me to share it below:

The above conversation started because Smith spotted Propane Predator in a GlobalAvP Youtube video where Propane was bashing Smith in the chat of the video and because Propane was playing on Smith's servers and starting problems. Smith, having no way of contacting Propane himself, knew that Darkstar was close to Propane (again they exist in the same body if you ask me). Thus, Smith reached out to Darkstar. Again, this was a PRIVATE conversation, aka DM or direct message between Smith and Darkstar. This conversation did not occur on the AvP2 Discord. At the time of this conversation, Smith was hosting the AvP2 master server off of his website avp2msp.com.

Smith essentially accused Propane of inciting drama, spamming, stealing usersnames, etc on his servers. He can figure this out by matching the IP addresses and GUIDs of who is playing and chatting in his server logs. Note that he did not post them online which Koodles is suggesting.

Darkstar states that he is no longer affiliated with Paul. Once again Paul is Propane Predator aka Apostolos. This conversation happened years ago and the user Darkstar still chats with Propane Predator as evidenced previously. In the third screenshot, Darkstar states he was only involved with AvP2 when he suggested the game to a Youtuber to play the game. This is another lie, as Darkstar has posted numerous AvPUnknown content regarding AvP2 on his GlobalAvP website. He also previously stated that users were going to publish his personal information based on "skip tracing" his IP address from playing AvP2. All lies.

In screenshot 4 Darkstar brings up x-M-x once again. The constant obsession they have with him is unbelievable. Then Darkstar states that he lived in a dorm room with Propane, confirming what he told me previously that they lived together in college.

In screenshot 5, Darkstar then decides to go off on Smith because he is friends with x-M-x and states that he doesn't know how to reach Propane. Remember, if these are two different people, Darkstar hired Propane to run his website and they still communicate on the GlobalAvP Discord server till this day. How would he not know how to reach him? Another lie.

So the first screenshot of this entire conversation is what Koodles, the random 0 day user account that joined a bunch of Discord servers to post his collage picture, is using as evidence. FAKE NEWS.

Again referring to the image above, there is a huge wall of text on the left side. It is written as it is supposed to be taken seriously. Koodles makes some bogus story right from the get go to bash both AvPGalaxy and AvPUnknown. The same hatred that Apostolos has for both. He proceeds to complain about the term "official", which is the same problem the user "The Snipes" had, who we have identified as Apostolos previously. Then he says what everyone doing is criminal, blah, blah, blah, and POORLY censors the faces of the photos involved. One could accuse him of showing those faces as he only censored the eyes.

One last thing of note is that Koodles spells favorite as "favourite". Americans are known to spell favorite as favorite. Those who use the King's English spell favorite as "favoUrite" with the u letter. Remember this as we move on.

AvP New World Discord server:

AvP New World is the last Discord server that I know of that Koodles went around blasting his phony collaged image.

He tags everyone in the server saying "this has been making its rounds" as if it was a viral image going around the internet when it was just Koodles who was sharing it. Koodles states that he can connect with Discord to "shut the server down". This is really what Koodles desires to happen. The other members of this Discord server clearly don't understand what he's talking about and Koodles tries to explain. He says that via AvP2, the group in his collaged image are using IP addresses and video game chat logs to gather information about people's locations, real names, information of family members and post them on the AvP2 Discord. He expanded the lie here. The conversation ends with "more people have been speaking up" regarding his bogus story. All the people that are running this story are named Propane Predator, Darkstar and Koodles.

Koodles also appeared on the GlobalAvP Discord here:

Notice how Koodles immediately starts with the same bogus story and also begins to disassociate Propane Predator from Darkstar.

In screenshot number 3, Koodles says he is from America and AvPUnknown. There has never been a Koodles part of AvPUnknown's staff. Remember I said Koodles spells favorite as "favourite"? I have never met an American than spells favorite that way unless they were pretending to British.

In screenshot number 5, Darkstar tries to disassociate himself with Koodles. Darkstar asks Koodles how he got the conversation between Smith and Darkstar in his collaged image. Smith sent the conversation to me. Smith never send that conversation to a "Koodles", why would he if Koodles is using it to attack Smith? Darkstar even asks if Koodles is Smith. Why would Smith attack himself? Thus, Darkstar had to have passed that conversation around. In Darkstar's same post, he says that he "doesn't distribute personal messages". He caught himself in his own lie.

In screenshot number 6, Propane Predator states that he gave the photos to Koodles. So the only person who can vouch for Koodles is Propane Predator aka Paul aka Apostolos aka Apollo (from his own pictures). Darkstar also uses the name Apollo. Propane uses Darkstar's name to play AvP2 at times and he admitted it. Then there is also Snipes and Spoonman101, etc. Do you see a running theme? All of these names are Apostolos. The same guy. He's literally talking to himself off of various accounts to incite more drama.

Again on screenshot number 6, Darkstar responds to {BD}Spyder_COA's comment about asking for an IP for his servers. Spyder runs his own AvP2 servers. He can do what he wants with his own multiplayer servers. Anyways, Darkstar uses this comment, to suggest that the AvPUnknown staff (x-M-x, Olde and myself) were asking for IP addresses on his forum. When did this happen? I already documented Olde's article about what happened and Darkstar's email to me where he apologized. There was no mention of this then. This is a new lie Darkstar has made.

Propane Predator and Darkstar then admit to Darkstar actively posting on the Monolith Discord with Koodles which caused Monolith to hide (not publicly viewable) their AvP2 channel. This is funny to them. Why would they want this to happen if they cared about AvP2 and want to help players get together?

In researching all of this, I also came across a few other things.

In the screenshots above taken from the GlobalAvP Discord server from January of 2020, Propane Predator claims that the AvPUnknown staff was fishing through his account on GlobalAvP, the site he runs for his IP address. This is an additional lie. He also states they had users asking to be moderators regularly. His forum had about a maximum of 25 users or so. They randomly made "RaZorbakk36" a Discord server moderator when he didn't ask for it. Just all lies on top of lies.

Now check this:

The screenshot above is from August of 2020. Propane Predator asks what was happening with the AvPUnknown staff when they were made moderators on the Global AvP Discord server. Darkstar responds by saying that they were looking at the IP addresses of users.


This is a total 180, inversion, flip-flop, caught red-handed LIE.

January 2020 - Propane Predator informs the unaware Darkstar that the AvPUnknown GlobalAvP moderators were looking up IP addresses on the GlobalAvP forum.

August 2020 - Darkstar informs the unaware Propane Predator that the AvPUnknown GlobalAvP moderators were looking up IP addresses on the GlobalAvP forum.



"Finkel and Einhorn. Einhorn and Finkle. That's it. Einhorn is Finkle. Finkle is Einhorn!"

Lastly, there is one final event I would like to add to this story.

There is another AvP Discord server called "The AVP Clan-Hive (Community & Gaming)". This server has a channel called "personal-pics" where users can post their own personal photos of themselves, animals, stuff, whatever. This server being an AvP Discord server, shares several members with other Alien, Predator and AvP Discord servers. This includes the OFFICIAL AvP2 Discord server that Apostolos has such a problem with.

Anyways, Apostolos, with his Propane Predator account, decided to join this Discord server.

Look what he decided to post:

WOW. He posted pictures of himself in a PUBLIC AvP Discord server for the world to see. I have personally censored his face even though these are public photos just so he can't claim that I'm doxxing him. I have the full chat log of this server if he decides to question the authenticity of it, as I do of many of the other chat logs I've posted screenshots of.

Can you believe it? He posted those photos on February 15, 2020 in a public AvP Discord, yet he goes around everywhere making a big fuss about his photos being posted in the AvP2 Discord when they were publicly available on his PUBLICLY viewable Facebook page and I even personally deleted them off the AvP2 Discord.

Then he had the nerve to accuse me of doxxing him, spread all these lies about AvPUnknown, x-M-x, Olde, AvPGalaxy, Corporal Hicks, Smith, AvP2MSP, the master server patch, random users, myself etc. He even went to great lengths to frame these people.

By Apostolos posting his photos in an AvP Discord proves that he never really cared about his photos being shared around publicly. He used it as excuse to vilify the AvP2 Discord, AvPUnknown and every one associated with them. His goal was always revenge against x-M-x.

For the reader, this is where the story ends of my interactions and history of the AvP2 player known as Apostolos.

If I could give an opinion of Apostolos, at first I thought he was just a file ripper/cheater/hacker that loved AvP2. However, over time I saw that he was extremely obsessed with x-M-x over his AvP2Files banning in 2005. This ban became a huge obsession, to the point where I find it mentally disturbing of Apostolos to constantly focus on it. Essentially anyone that became associated with or friends with x-M-x became his target and his enemy. The problem with all his attacks is that they were based all on lies. Apostolos is a compulsive liar. He lied so much that I caught him in his web of lies contradicting himself numerous times.

With Apostolos constantly trying to evade bans, I thought he was up to no good. Then he started all the different aliases and personalities trying to convince other people that they were all different. There are other aliases that I still haven't completely vetted as being him and I'll perhaps never know for sure. This raises the question. Why all the different aliases? Is it because he's like a criminal using different aliases to get by and not get caught for his actions? That would explain a lot of it, but how he makes all his different aliases communicate with each other is bizarre. It's almost as if he has some sort of multiple personality disorder. Remember he doesn't just do this on forums and Discord servers, but he does this in AvP2 servers where he talks to himself on various accounts. Who else does this?

I don't have all the answers about him and quite frankly I don't want to know anymore about him. I researched him and wrote up this article because he had continuously name dropped me, slandered me and defamed my name over the past several years.

Apostolos, if you're reading this and I know you will. I warned you to leave me alone or I would expose you for the fraud that you are. You couldn't help yourself and you kept attacking me. You have no one but yourself to blame. I want nothing to do with you. You do not have permission to use any of my files, mods or content in anything you or any of your other aliases publish. Remove all my content from your website. You will forever be banned from AvPUnknown and AvP2 Discord. You are not and never will be welcomed back. Go make your own stuff elsewhere and stay away from me. I will only add to this post if you continue. If you come back threatening me as you did others with legal charges, I have everything that I have posted saved and documented. I'll gladly submit all the evidence I have to the appropriate authorities. You know for a fact everything that I have posted has protected your identity as well, so you have no case.

For everyone else who has read this long report about Apostolos, thank you for your time. If you agree/disagree with my comments, or even wish to contribute your experiences with Apostolos to this post, please post it below. I'm sure there are many other people that Apostolos has pissed off that would like to share their thoughts.

My final words about Apostolos are this:

Apostolos is the biggest scumbag in the Aliens vs Predator 2 community.

The End.
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Re: GlobalAvP's Propane Predator = Apostolos = Darkstar = Apollo = Snipes = Spoonman101 = Paul = Koodles
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***This post is reserved for future posts if necessary.***

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Re: GlobalAvP's Propane Predator = Apostolos = Darkstar = Apollo = Snipes = Spoonman101 = Paul = Koodles
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Totally agree kenny.  Smiley
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Re: GlobalAvP's Propane Predator = Apostolos = Darkstar = Apollo = Snipes = Spoonman101 = Paul = Koodles
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Wow nice rabbit hole you dug there Apollo, but how will you get out?

P.S. you don't.

I uninstalled Steam because Cracco and Olde were acting like dicks each time I played AVP Classic. - Scarpred
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Re: GlobalAvP's Propane Predator = Apostolos = Darkstar = Apollo = Snipes = Spoonman101 = Paul = Koodles
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Would love to offer my input here. I've been a part of this game and community for a long time, 2007 or thereabouts. Maybe even 2006, my mind isn't as young anymore. This has always been the game I always come back to. It's my #1. So, result of being in the right place at the right time, I was given the honor of helping keep this game alive, and I hosted and operated the online multiplayer on servers that I rented for about 30 dollars a month. Never asked for donations, never asked for any special treatment or praise. I just wanted to play this game with my pals; and enable others to share in the fun as well. Veteran or newcomer, it didn't matter.

Well, when certain people take it upon themselves to use my services that, may I remind you, donated for FREE, for the sole purpose of upsetting players by slandering, name stealing, general harassment, calling people by numerous racial slurs, that hits a real nerve. You may say "Oh that's just the internet, that will happen." Yes I agree. And normally I'd just chalk it down to that and call it a day. But all of these offences coming from the same person? Every day? For months? There's just something not right with that.

I took it upon myself to do some detective work and scour through server logs dealing with people coming and going, and what was being said. I found and concluded the main culprit of these offences by cross referencing many GUID hashes (your computer's unique hardware ID) and IP addresses, they all eventually overlapped and connected to each other. I found in one instance, a server log listing, that matched a real IP address of someone. That was Propane Predator.

Before coming to that conclusion I asked around for known IP addresses of Propane Predator, since I already had a suspicion it was him. These IP addresses were from his forum posts, and I made a positive ID.

So in my conversation with DARKSTAR, as shown in KingKenny's very detailed report, I told him I'd lay out my evidence. Whether he took that as just throwing out IP addresses and GUID's or not, I don't know. But that was never my intention. What I'm disclosing right now was my intention. I wouldn't give out people's information like that, and I never did. You'll have to excuse my language in that post, as I realize it was a bit hasty and accusatory. Buuuuut, hey what do you want from me I was very annoyed. But seeing as King Kenny's evidence shows darkstar is also Apollo/Propane Predator/whatever, I was talking to the same person anyway.

KingKenny is a very credible man and he's a good asset to this community. I'd take his word very seriously. He's done much for this community in just original custom content alone, and propane Predator would rather just rip it and call it his own. So there you go.

Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED talk or whatever. That's all.
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